A Quick Trick to Get a Room at a Sold-Out Hotel

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hotelTrying to get a room in a sold-out hotel? Here’s a strategy that I’ve used for years, and it still works: Call the hotel directly (not the 800 number) and ask on what date cancellation penalties kick in for the date you want to arrive. (Three weeks before? Three days?) Note the date, then call that morning to see if rooms have opened up as people cancel at the last minute to avoid being charged. Even if you’re not first on the waiting list, you may be the first to call and can possibly scoop up rooms made available by people who’ve just cancelled.


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  1. When you walk into a hotel that says they have no room,you say “do you mean to say if president Obama walked in right now, you wouldn’t find him a room?” When the clerk says “for the president, I am sure we could find a room” you answer “well, I just spoke to him and he is not coming, so please give me that room instead.”

  2. number 1, why would you think this is genaivas daas? 5. people reserve rooms they might need and then cancel before they are charged fees. This author is saying to call the hotel directly the amount of days before your stay that if someone does not cancel they will be charged even if they do not stay. this is a win win situation for everyone as the hotel would rather not have empty rooms and you can get room when none were available.

  3. 3rd grader, you’re right; it isn’t written clearly. What is seems to be trying to say is that people who want to cancel tend to procrastinate, but when the deadline approaches they stop procrastinating and cancel because otherwise they will have to pay cancellation fees. The writer recommends taking advantage of this phenomenon by finding out the cancellation deadline for the date you would like to book. Call on that cutoff date and you may find that rooms have become available due to cancellations. I hope this makes it clear.


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