A Reader Writes: Dry Cleaning Credit Card Fraud

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dry-cleanersDear Editor,
I used to use a dry cleaning service in Lakewood that does pickup and delivery. A month later, I saw a charge on my credit card for $106. I never used that cleaners the following month. I tried calling him many times, but he never picked up the phone. I finally called using a different caller ID. Lo and behold, he picked up on the first ring. I told him that he better credit me back the money or I will do a chargeback. He said he will. I still never received a credit.

This week, I was sifting through one of the Lakewood circulars that are mailed to my house. There was a big announcement that read: “We have been asked by a reader to mention this to the public. A dry cleaning service that holds people’s credit card information for charging regular service seems to sometimes make excessive or incorrect charges to peoples credit cards. If you have given a service your card, check your past credit card statements to make sure you were not charged additional times.”

Apparently, many people are being charged and it’s important to bring this to the public’s atterntion. Check your statements!


Taken to the Cleaners


  1. It happend to me too, the guy ignored all calls, when he finnaly picked up he never apoligized and promised to refund (which he never did). It wasnt a storefront cleaners in town just a pickup and delivery service.

  2. Any time you are charged in error on a credit card, report it immediately to the credit card company. They will remove the charge from your bill and will take up the issue with the company that did the charging, and demand proof of the transaction.

  3. listen this happend to me a few month a go i got my monney back through beggig and pleading since i know the guy

    i think we should dan lecaf zechus that he is a little “tzeflogin” \

    he sold the bussiness a few weeks ago

    i called him after seeing the masa article and he told me he is working on it to return toanyone who was wrongly charged

  4. listen yitzy, no excuse to charge a cc from a year ago and he never apologized.

    He is a real ganiv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how many times could he be tzeflogin?


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