A Reader Writes: Putting Lives in Danger

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snow11Dear Editor@Matzav.com,

I would like to discuss an issue which I feel it is not the right thing. Two days ago, there was a major snowstorm that hit our area, and there were some menahelim in Brooklyn who did the right thing and cancelled school, but there were some menahelim who did not do the right thing and did not cancel school. It was a regular day. To those menahelim who did not close school, I must say that you did a major injustice to all the kids as well as the rebbeim and teachers. I have a few questions to ask:

1) Why was there school today when you are putting their life in danger by going on these buses in 8 inches of snow?

2) Why do you think that just because you have private buses you can have school on such a day when about 80% of schools in Brooklyn, especially in Flatbush, did not have school, as well as the New York City public school system which was also closed today?

Even though you might tell me that schools in Flatbush do not have private buses but in Boro Park there are private buses, that is still not an excuse.

3) As a teacher in a school in Boro Park I feel that sometimes schools especially in Boro Park hardly ever give vacation or snow days. So why can’t you give a child on such a day like today a chance to relax and be a kid for a day by letting them play in the snow?

It was mind boggling to me that schools across New York City were closed today while some  schools had to be different and have school . Please give me an answer to this. Hopefully in the future, when there is a storm like today, you will do the right thing and cancel school. You don’t need to put kids, rebbeim, and teachers in danger.

Thank You.

Name Withheld

Brooklyn, NY


  1. The write is right! But “bitul Torah” could have been supplemented by the Rabbeim at their homes or at a local shul/mosad. The Rebbi could have served some mezonos and hot cocoa for those who “braved” the walk. This should have and could have been arranged by the Menahel ahead of time…..

  2. Do you know of any accidents or are you just upset that you had to work?

    Why is it an injustice for kids to learn?

    What does private bussing have to do with this issue?

    As a teacher if you feel the children need to play in the snow, give them a longer recess.

  3. Since when is snow a deterrant for Limud Hatorah ? Does Halacha stipulate that due to inclement weather limud hatorah is cancelled ? We are living in a naarishe generation when we must do what the public schools do. If a school bus driver can be on the alert and drive safely, there is no reason to cancel school. The kid’s get off 2 months in the summer, thats bad enough. Why should they miss school because of some snow falling outside. If it were to snow for 3 weeks straight, would you be in favor of cancelling school ? This nonsence is just an excuse for teachers and manhalim to take an extra day off. Shame on all of them.

  4. Dear Name Withheld writer, why do you post this online? whats your point? My sons school was closed. If I was upset I would call my school, not post online. whats your point of posting online?

  5. Boy it’s hard to please everybody! – i know that if they were closed, many people would wail and bemoan the fact that our schools are encouraging lack of the ‘old time’ rules where we all went to school no matter what, and we are harvesting lazy, and unresourceful kids! I do remember when we had a major snowstorm when i was little, and we all ended up walking together to school which was over two miles away! and it was a great day!

  6. MIND YOUR OWN BUSSINESS! if you have a child in such a school then you have the right not to send if there is such a danger,and there wouldnt be and repercussions. therefor you essentaly are saying that all those parents put their childrens lives in danger. what gall! who made you a judge of how people should run their lives?

  7. Do you have any concept what Achrayus is involved in cancelling yeshiva for Tinokos shel Bais Raban?

    I am proud of the fact that my son’s Yeshiva had school and I told my son that he should realize how lucky he is to go to a Yeshiva that values his learning so much!

  8. It sounds like it bothered you more that you had to teach than that the kids had school. In other words you need a vacation and maybe a new job.

  9. Don’t know how many here have driver’s licenses but if you have ever driven on snowy or icy roads you will know it is dangerous and can even result in bodily injury or death from accidents, and there are usually many spinouts during snowstorms. One year on a stormy day my son’s school closed, and the boys were asked to go to the rebbi’s house who lived in town. I drove him there under dangerous conditions, very nervous, and never would have gone out to drive otherwise.

  10. This letter is not ringing true. Writer begins with righteous indignation over safety, but quickly segues into real peeve- why couldn’t you have a day off from school. Is it the kids you are worried about, or were you angry you didn’t get a “day off” like some others?

  11. even if one boy shows up its still worth it for 2 reasons one-learning toras hashem two-who knows how many talmidim will come out of the boys that learnt that day torah

  12. I think all offices should have been closed too. And stores, shuls, post offices, jails and most of all, people’s mouths.


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