A Reader Writes: When Are People Going to Learn?

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baby-car-seatDear Editor,

I work at a store in shopping center. This afternoon, I had a customer who was in my store for about an hour, taking her time, sparking conversation, etc. About halfway through her trip through the store – a big store – I noticed she had a baby with her who was not there earlier. I thought it was a little odd, but then I just blew it off, thinking maybe her husband was in another part of the store with the baby, and maybe he had brought him over or something.

After the lady checked out, she asked me to watch her cart on the sidewalk while she went to the car with the baby. As she pulled up in her minivan, I realized that there were three children in the car, one looked about 5 or 6, the others were still in car seats. The windows were tinted, which is why no one noticed the kids were alone while their mother was shopping for an hour.

I gave her a piece of my mind, and let her know that she was breaking the law. She apologized to me, and looked really ashamed. This was a 30-something-year-old mother.

It’s scary to think how often this happens. Boruch Hashem, her kids were unharmed.

What is wrong with people? I guess last minute shopping was more important than her kids. I didn’t call the cops, but maybe I should have.

When are we going to learn?

A Concerned Mother


  1. call the cops. pekuacha nefesh. why do children NEED to die? or untill someone start a jewish org. that will take children away from these murders!!!! As an emt this is the hardest thing to watch. I’ve already had that didnt make it on. how many have to die before people wake up. WAKE UP. it ain’t good doing cpr on your babys

  2. This is a frightening story. I find that when I speak to my children today about general safety measures they don’t really believe that anything bad will happen to them. There are so many stories that circulate about “car accidents” where all passengers miraculously survive, and other incidents depicting absolute recklessness and how everything works out in the end, and the kids tend to believe those stories (which have become part and parcel of their surroundings) and not the “older”, outdated generation.

  3. Concerned Mother
    You should’ve refused to serve her as a costumer. I’ve done that. Dido, if the car is parked in a position that can cause an accident. I might’ve lost costumers – but never lost any kids of costumers.

  4. As a mother and grandmother I understand your outrage and am in total agreement with it. Perhaps you should have called the police; it would serve her right!

  5. Some people would say…

    “It’s only a secular law. Why should we obey it?”

    Until, of course, some child chas vshalom, dies or is hospitalized.

    The next time you see that lady, ask her about her children. Make sure she hasn’t done it again. There were several cases of children dying in cars this summer. Obviously she wasn’t paying attention. Everyone thinks, “It only happens to the other person.”

  6. I posted on the carelessness of some parents a while back.

    In April of 2006, I took my kids to the Museum of Natural History in New York. While I was there, a frum man asked me to watch his four or five year old daughter while he went to the bathroom. I did it — but inside I was really angry. How did he know that I wasn’t a kidnapper? He was lucky that I wasn’t and that his kid was safe and sound with me — but he didn’t know that. How can you leave your kid with a perfect stranger, even for just a few minutes, no matter how honest he might appear to look?

    The Wolf

  7. A BP couple were arrested yesterday in Teaneck NJ for leaving their two year old unattended in their car. Apparently someone called the cops! Need I say more! Have a Good Shabbos!


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