A Revolutionary Party Venue Opens in Boro Park

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A new party venue is creating ripples of excitement in Boro Park.  As Hoopla opens its doors for the first time, reservations are pouring in from an audience high on enthusiasm for the new era of partying this new venue introduces.  Hoopla is making waves.

Hoopla was opened to fill a gaping need in the party industry.  The need for a private venue to entertain and be entertained.

Hoopla’s vision revolves around privacy.  For the duration of your reservations, the party is all yours.  You get to relax and unwind in complete privacy with the company you choose.  Hoopla gives you full ownership of your party time.

Apart from the two beautifully furnished party rooms (depending on the crowd size) the entertainment factor is built into Hoopla’s identity.  With a room full of new, state of the art arcade games, the party is just waiting to get started.

Many people are looking forward to Hoopla’s revolutionary amenities.   The venue is filling a void that many have been looking to fill:

  • Families looking to celebrate any occasion in complete privacy.
  • Alumnae groups in search of a private reunion venue with food options.
  • CEOs vying for the perfect corporate meeting venue replete with a fully equipped conference room.

Hoopla is partnering with caterers and event planners to take the food hassle off the hosts as well.  They offer an array of exclusive vendors to meet different budgets and party styles.

The décor is a feast for the eye.  One must see it in actuality to experience the vibe. The tone of your party is yours to determine.  The Bluetooth enabled music system gives you full ownership of the party attitude.

Who’s ready to party?


    • Get yourself a real life and start to learn what life is really about. Is that what your life is surrounded and based on partying? Does a person even know how much longer he will be granted by Hashem to live? Don’t get me wrong we all need to relax and once in a while even take a vacation but a person also needs to know that there are limits to each thing in life.

      I pray that your still a young person and come to the realization quickly of how life goes by in an instant that is too hard to believe that another year flew by before you know and your already hearing the shofar in shul again that you just remember hearing recently. Could you believe that it’s your birthday again already? Its not making sense to be a full year gone forever since your last birthday. “Uvacharta Bchaim” choose life and don’t take it for granted by spending your time.wisely.

      May we all appreciate every moment of life we are granted as a new gift from Hashem to live another day/hour. You think Hashem just says that this person lives until 95 and this lady until 104? Each hour and day is a decree and gift directly from Hashem that you should live another day/your

  1. I cant wait to read the comments about how this will destroy Yiddishkeit and is whats wrong with Judaism today.
    Let the fun begin!

  2. In europe, they didnt have this. People lived simpler HAPPIER lives. If someone wants to have “fun” you show them a gemara, if they wish something not proper open shulchan orach and shows its assur.


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