A Special Place for Special Children

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special-childrens-centerWhile all other schools were closed for Chanukah vacation,
The Special Children’s Center’s doors remained open,
Thus allowing families to enjoy the day off while their special needs children were having loads of fun!
Over 100 kids were in attendance & received the usual warmth & care that The Center staff is known for.
True to The Center’s motto, ”Caring As Only A Family Can,”
The Special Children’s Center is always open with laughter & fun all day!

Dedicated to The Special Children’s Center, located in Lakewood, NJ, by Matzav.com


  1. the special children’s center is truly an amazing place. Thank you to all the dedicated staff members from top to bottom, who put their hearts and souls into our special children.

  2. Way to go, Walking through the center hallways gets me emotional to see so many children smiling and having fun while their families get the break they need -its one amazing organization!!!!


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