A Story About Donald Trump’s Middos and Sensitivity

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Donald Trump is brash and blunt, and those who don’t particularly like the Republican presidential frontrunner focus on highlighting his seemingly abrasive personality. However, a report in The Guardian earlier this week contains a touching story about Trump that reveals an extremely sensitive side of the billionaire.

Oliver Laughland reports that Justin Goldberg was a project manager on 40 Wall Street, the art deco New York skyscraper bought by Trump in 1995, and was given a job in the Trump Organization through his father, Jay Goldberg, Trump’s long-serving and trusted attorney. He recalled one awkward moment away from work sometime in the mid-nineties.

Trump had slept over at the family’s residence in upstate New York, and Goldberg’s mother prepared breakfast for him in the morning and mistakenly poured salt instead of sugar all over their guest’s cornflakes. Trump, trying to mind his manners, ate the whole salty, soggy breakfast. He didn’t want to make Mrs. Goldberg feel bad.

“I thought that was pretty impressive,” said Goldberg.

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  1. There is a similar story with, lehavdil, the Chofetz Chaim.
    While this behavior was typical of the Chofetz Chaim, I doubt if it is with Mr. Trump. And the proof is precisely is unacceptable public behavior.

  2. Like when the Chofetz Chaim’s sister came to visit him and she ate at the person who gave him teg. She could not swallow a bite but he ate his whole plate.
    Trump eats cornflakes?

  3. I would say its more of a reflection of how numb his tongue is from all the vulgar spewed forth from it, than any sort of indication of him being sensitive and well mannered

  4. It’s one thing to mistakenly believe Trump would make a great president, it’s quite another thing to portray him as a sensitive person. I am sure we can find a story showing the sensitive side of every tyrant that ever existed, but that definitely doesn’t show that such people weren’t tyrants.

  5. Maybe he simply likes salty corn flakes?

    On a more serious note, the fact that he’s a reality TV star with a big mouth and even his various business ventures (some successful, some not) aren’t the reason many of us are opposed to him. Ronald Reagan was ridiculed as a has-been actor, Harry Truman as a “haberdasher”, and Bill Clinton for his tawdry lifestyle, yet they all were pretty good Presidents. The problem many of us have with him is that his statements regarding Mexicans and Moslems are reminiscent of Joe McCarthy’s demonization of specific groups. His concerns are legit, but he’s gone far beyond expressing concern, well into demonization territory.

  6. beautiful story but some questions remain. Why was someone pouring sugar on their guests cornflakes? I’ve been a guest many times and have never witnessed such a phenomenon.

  7. Wow! That is sensitivity worthy of a lehavdil Gadol Hador! What a shame that it contradicts the too many to count nasty, insensitive, vulgar and bullying behaviors we had to observe from Trump over the past few months. It appears so uncharacteristic of Trump to be made up.

  8. A frum website should not be using words like “middos” about someone who lacks even the qualities that would be acceptable for a dog. Middos refer to Yiddishe qualities and should not be demeaned in this connection.

  9. Accoding to many reports, there are two different personalities of Trump – public and private. Unfortunately, his public behavior is vulgar, egotistical, etc and that is all we see. Whether his private behavior is enough for voters to overlook his public one is a big question.

  10. Due to Obama’s Mideast policy, our nation(that is am Isroel) is facing a more potential threat than in Warsaw 1939. In the US, the dimcretins are making permanent changes in the judicial field, government bureaucracy, education, and even importing tens of millions of dimcretin voters. Who cares if Trump may be a rude narcissist – can he stop the onslaught of the socialist-fascist hordes? – if the answer is yes, he’ll make a good President. Cruz would probably be the best choice, but Trump is also OK.

  11. Raboisay! The bottom line is, are you going to vote for Trump who speaks in vulgar tongue but will improve things in the U.S. or will you vote for Hillary (Chas V’Shulem) who screams, yells, barks like a dog (see her
    speech video) lies and lies and lies and belongs in prison and who will continue obama’s failed programs?

    Take a good look at the two side by side.

    Except for the vulgar language, Trump reminds me of Ronald Reagan. Both were liberal DemoRats and had left wing kooky ideas and then became menchen when they ran for office with Reagan going on to be the best President we’ve had in a long time. I expect Trump to be our next President and he’ll probably be a great one too.

  12. I knew someone who liked to put salt in their milk. Unusual but harmless. I can imagine the elderly lady forgot that most people in America would never even think of putting salt on cornflakes and I can imagine Mr Trump, who certainly had parents and grandparents (from Europe i suppose), making her feel at ease and eating the unusual taste combination. Which probably reminded him of some elderly relative of his own. Good for Mrs Goldberg! Good for Mr Trump too. What this has to do with the presidential race, beats me, though.


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