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The Yeshiva of Rochester is the Yeshiva for serious Bnei Torah who are looking to learn out of town. In the Yeshiva you will find a tight-knit atmosphere, a genuine, straight forward attitude, a down to earth approach to life, and of course, fantastic Rebbeim. 

 History of The Yeshiva of Rochester

The Yeshiva was founded in 1974 as the first branch of Chofetz Chaim. It consists of a Mesivta, Bais Medrash and Kollel under the leadership of our Rosh HaYeshiva a true Torah giant, Rabbi Menachem Davidowitz shlita.

Rabbi Davidowitz Rabbi Davidowitz is a Talmid Muvhak of the venerated Rosh HaYeshiva, Rav Henoch Leibowitz ZT”L. Rabbi Davidowitz is well-known in the Torah world for his deep, sophisticated and lomdish shiurim. Our advanced twelfth graders are given the opportunity to join Rabbi Davidowitz’s first Bais Medrash shiur. It is in this relatively small, close setting that our young scholars can form a lifelong, Rebbi- Talmid relationship with our Rosh HaYeshiva. 

We believe:

      At the Mesivta, we believe that there are three primary factors that contribute to a talmid’s success:His chevraA secure, structured atmosphere of accountability A healthy and balanced daily schedule. 

The Chevra:      

Our student body is currently composed of approximately fifty percent Rochester locals and fifty percent “out of towners”. The local students are graduates of our outstanding elementary school branch, Derech HaTorah. The caliber of our Derech HaTorah students is on par with the best Yeshivos Ketanos in the country. We hand pick “out of towners” that are conscientious students and most importantly, on the same wavelength as our “in towners” lending to a cohesive and friendly atmosphere in the yeshiva. 


 The culture in the Yeshiva is one of structure and accountability. Every student’s attendance, academics and general growth is carefully tracked and reinforced. The Hanhala and the General Studies staff work tirelessly together to ensure that each talmid works to his potential and enjoys a sense of fulfillment from his studies. This fosters an environment of growth and achievement for our talmidim.

Daily Schedule:      

The Yeshiva’s daily schedule has been meticulously crafted to fit the needs of a serious Ben Torah in today’s day and age. It is composed of a harmonious balance of both rigorous academics as well as much needed extracurricular programming. 

Why Rochester?        

The Yeshiva and Beis Medrash in Rochester is famous for producing highly dedicated, quality B’nei Torah with a deep love of Ameilus B’Torah and sterling character traits. For over 45 years, the Yeshiva has taken young teenagers with their individual strengths and capabilities and facilitated their growth into sharply polished Talmudic scholars. 

Through experiencing shiurim known for their sophistication and precision, the boys are trained to think and deepen their understanding of Torah. Additionally, Rochester’s isolation from big city commotion eliminates distraction and allows the boys to learn with focus and hasmada. 

While these factors all contribute to Rochester`s Torahdig environment, the real key to the bochrim`s success is the Hanhala’s understanding of the nature of each of their talmidim. It is the Hanhalas` expertise in chinuch that pushes each of their talmidim to find the true greatness within themselves. 

Come for a visit!

          In conclusion, if you are a serious bochur who is looking to go out of town, the Yeshiva of Rochester is the place to be. We have an exemplary group of young Bnei Torah (many of which are second generation talmidim) and a warm, sincere, grounded, happy, Torah atmosphere. We encourage discerning parents and students to contact us and arrange to come up for a visit and check out the yeshiva for themselves! 

Please feel free to call Rabbi Politoff at 570.561.8693Or email at: [email protected]


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