A Woman Dropped Her Cell Phone On A Carpet and the Internet is Going Crazy Trying To Find It

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Over the weekend, a photo of a carpet went viral online and sent internet users into a tizzy.

Heather Rooney, a radio host on 98.9 The Bear in Fort Wayne, Ind., shared the photo on her Facebook page, writing, “the latest thing driving the internet crazy: A woman dropped her cell phone on her rug. Can you see where it landed?”

Matzav readers, take a few minutes and check it out for yourself.

Can’t find it?

Check out the upper right-hand corner next to the table’s leg. You’ll see the back of the phone case.

See below:




  1. I still don’t see the cellphone. I don’t chap the whole story. Can you show a picture of the actual phone on a table?

  2. For those who still can’t see the phone, even in the circle:
    – The phone is in a case and it’s face down so you see the case backing, not the screen.
    – The case backing has the same off-white/parchment and dark blue colors that the rug has.
    – The case has a flower design, but although its colors are identical to the rug’s, it’s a different design than the rug has.
    – The phone is almost exactly the same width as the border stripe it’s been placed upon.

  3. The Torah Generation is more and more involved! Next thing we know Matzav will give us pictures of the things you must cross your eyes to see. I doubt it is a Shin or a Resh.

    What letters should code this story?


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