A Yungerman, A Baby Carriage, and a “Reb Shayele” Cell Phone Ringtone That Betrays a Thief

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An Arab thief was betrayed by the ringtone of a phone he had nabbed.

The story began in Beit Shemesh when a yungerman left his baby carriage in the apartment building lobby. Suddenly, he remembered he had left a bag there with money and his cellphone, but by the time he rushed down, both were gone.

The victim phoned his cellphone repeatedly from a neighbor and got no response. Ten minutes later, a police officer called back, saying he had noticed an Arab worker near the exit from the town wheeling a high-quality baby carriage.

“Where did you get it from?” the officer challenged.

“I found it in the trash!” the Arab had replied, when a cellphone began ringing with a ringtone based on a niggun praising Reb Yeshaya Steiner of Kerestir. The policeman told the yungerman, “I said to myself, ‘What does an Arab have to do with Reb Shayele ben Reb Moshe? The phone must be stolen.’”

“You’ll soon get your property back,” the cop concluded.

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