R’ Aaron Kotler Talks Traffic And The Growing Town Of Lakewood On APP ‘Ask The Editor’

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Lakewood officials need to tackle development like a “major metropolis” and not a suburban town, one of its most influential residents said Thursday.

Rabbi Aaron Kotler, CEO of Beth Medrash Govoha, said the 100,000-person town was still approving big projects on small plots, despite continuing complaints about traffic and overdevelopment.

“In Lakewood, the planning mechanisms are more appropriate to a small, suburban New Jersey town – and Lakewood is an emerging metropolis,” Kotler said.

Kotler was the guest of a special Lakewood-focused edition of the Asbury Park Press’ “Ask the Editor” segment on Facebook Live. Read more on APP.



  1. The very few people who actually voted have decided to keep the status quo. They are extremely happy with the over development and impossible traffic. I never realized how stupid voters can truly be. Amazing. Hatzalacha.


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