Abandoned Truckload of Shaimos Discovered in Borough Park

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shaimos6:15 p.m.: Brooklyn, NY – Misaskim was summoned a short while ago by officials from the 62nd Precinct after a truck loaded with shaimos was discovered on 62nd Street in Borough Park.

A Borough Park resident, who noticed the abandoned truck with out-of-state license, contacted Assemblyman Dov Hikind’s office. The shaimos was found after an initial investigation by members of Hikind’s office. Assemblyman Hikind was outraged. “This is not the first time that con artists have pulled this kind of stunt,” said Assemblyman Hikind. “The disposal of shaimos is often done around Pesach when people are cleaning and they have no idea who it is that’s accepting their packages of shaimos on the streets. It’s a cash-and-carry business that’s ripe for scammers. What an absolute disgrace.”

Borough Park residents echoed similar grievances after learning about this travesty. Many called for new regulations to prevent this from happening again in the future. It was obvious that most people were aware about the unkosher practices of these so called “shaimos collectors” as similar occurrences began to circulate as soon as the discovery was made.

The 62nd Precinct is working with community organizations to ensure that the shaimos is handled appropriately. Misaskim Volunteers at the scene spotted additional shaimos items strewn around in a nearby yard and as far out as on the train tracks. The volunteers are collecting the shaimos to ensure a proper burial.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Why can’t this truck be traced to the owner? Whoever ran that truck & ripped off Yiddisha gelt, should be physically beaten & left for dead! Why can’t these Shaimos trucks be regulated just like any street vendor? Where are the cops? There are business rules in NYC. Why don’t they apply with These Shaimos trucks? Just like Esrog dealers, the Shaimos thugs, make up the price for each package – on the spot! This is legal?!

  2. #3 you dont like the price? keep walking. there are 5 on every block. please dont ask for more govmnt oversight. we have enough already. can you imagine if they got involved? youd have
    no plastic bags
    sorted by size
    sorted by material
    disposal tax
    exemption fee for exemption statement
    morticians license
    and you think they charge alot now?????

  3. Just like Esrog dealers, the Shaimos thugs, make up the price for each package – on the spot! This is legal?!

    Yes, of course it is.

    The price charged by esrog dealers and shaimos removers are governed by the laws of supply and demand.

    If enough people compete with one another to buy the ????? ?????? ????? the price will rise in accordance with what people are willing to pay.

    You want your ???? taken away for ? Then you will have to pay for packaging, transport, ????? ?/?? ????? and you cannot do all that yourself? Then you will have to pay someone to do it for you, and again the price will be according to what people are prepared to hand over.

  4. This is not the first time this has happened. Years ago a well known Rov was walking to shul Chol Hamoed Pesach and found open garbage bags filled with shaimos strewn all over Coney Island Avenue. He called s/o from the chevra kadisha who spent the next few months trying to properly bury the shaimos. Purchasing a plot to bury shaimos, as well as the cost of renting the truck, costs more than the shaimos collectors make!

  5. The last thing we need is more regulation. Peopel need to use the heads Hakadosh Baruch Hu gave them! Don’t just hand over shaimos to someone on the street. Know who you are dealing with!

  6. Much of the shaimos that people would carefully set aside for internment ended up in landfills. In better-case scenarios, they were buried in a manner that was not halachically proper, or in a manner that violated the legal requirements for the usage of the property.

    All this is changing with the establishment of the Beth Genizah Cemetary in Liberty, New York. The cemetery is overseen by the Vaad L’mishmeres Hashaimos, under the personal directorship of Rabbi Yosef Schwartz, Rav of Prag. The Vaad purchased over 25 acres specifically for this purpose, causing a breakthrough that is being applauded by the entire frum community. A solution to the troubling Shaimos situation is finally being implemented!

    The Beth Genizah is under the strict rabbinical supervision of the CRC (Hisachdus Harabbonim) and the OU. And in full compliance with the law.

    For more information, please visit http://www.bethgenizah.com


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