Abbas At Celebration For Terrorists: No Final Peace Deal Until All Prisoners Released

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abbasPalestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas said that there would be no final peace deal with Israel until all Palestinian prisoners are released.

“We promise you that no final agreement will be reached unless all prisoners are at home,” Abbas said at an event in Ramallah celebrating the latest release of 26 Palestinian terrorist prisoners, Ma’an News Agency reported.

Abbas promised that sick prisoners would be released after the 104 terrorists imprisoned from before the 1993 Oslo Accords are released by Israel under the Jewish state’s agreement with the PA for the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict negotiations. Israel has now freed 78 of those 104 prisoners.

“There will be more groups of those heroes every now and then and in the near future,” Abbas said.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu condemned the Palestinian celebrations, saying that murderers “are not heroes.”

“The fundamental difference between us [and the Palestinians] can be seen on Monday: While we are willing to take painful, unparalleled steps to try and reach an agreement that would put an end to the conflict, they, along with their most senior leadership, are celebrating,” Netanyahu said, Haaretz reported.


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  1. maybe I’m missing some fundamental information, but how can it be that even one terrorist is set free in order to negotiate peace…??? how can it be that the knesset agreed to such a deal????

  2. will Israel ever learn that they cannot & there will never be peace with the palestanians?

    even if they let thousands free there wouldn’t be peace between them. its crazy how Israel keeps on freeing more prisoners but gets nothing in return

  3. To #1:

    you’re asking a question of a Government that values Abortion on demand & toeivah marriage, over human life? The Israeli Government has become the laughing stock of the world!


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