Abbas Lashes Out At Israel For ‘Executing Palestinian Children’

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MAHMOUD ABBASAddressing the recent Palestinian violence in a brief televised address Wednesday evening, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hit out at Israel over what he described as the “execution of Palestinian children in the streets.”

The terror leader was apparently referring to a number of incidents over the last week where teenage attackers were shot by Israeli security forces after carrying out stabbing attacks and attempting to kill people.

Innocent children? We think not.

Abbas said he favors “peaceful, popular resistance against Israeli occupation,” amid a two-week wave of violence sparked by the Palestinians.

In a speech broadcast on official Palestinian television, his first since the outbreak of Palestinian violence that has claimed eight Israeli lives, Abbas spoke of the Palestinian people’s “right to defend ourselves” and “pursue our national struggle”.

Laying the blame for the recent conflagration squarely at Israel’s door, Abbas arrogantly added that Ramallah “will deal with Israeli escalation with wisdom and patience.”

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said that Abbas’s speech was full of “incitement and lies.”

“The teenager he referred to is alive and hospitalized in Hadassah after he stabbed an Israeli youth riding on his bike,” a statement from his office read. “While Israel preserves the Temple Mount status quo, Abbas’s inciting words are a cynical use of religion that lead to terrorism.”

Other Israeli politicians echoed Netanyahu’s reaction, including Yesh Atid chair Yair Lapid, who said Abbas was guilty of “severe distortion of reality and utter irresponsibility, igniting desperation and hatred in the region.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. (AP Photo/Oren Ziv). An Israeli policeman uses a torch at a scene of a stabbing attack near the town of Hadera, Israel, Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015. An Arab citizen of Israel stabbed four Israelis, seriously injuring a 19-year-old woman, before Israeli polic…
    The Torch was simply a flashlight!!!

  2. Abbas is responsible for not telling them to stop.
    Obama is responsible because he isn’t telling them to cool it either.


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