Abbas: No Israeli Presence in Future State

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abbasPalestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Friday night that in the future Palestinian state “there will be no Israeli presence.” While touring Ramallah, Abbas rejected the possibility that Israeli soldiers would remain stationed along the borders of the future Palestinian state or will be a part of an international force that will deploy there.

“We are prepared to move toward peace based on international resolutions, the Road Map and 1967 borders, but when a Palestinian state is established it will be empty of any Israeli presence,” said the Palestinian leader.

“If a Palestinian state is established with Jerusalem as its capital, we will object to the presence of even one Israeli in its territory. This is our position,” he said.

According to reports, Abbas was referring only to Israelis, as the Palestinian Authority does not object to foreign Jews being a part of the international force which may deploy along the borders of a future Palestinian state. He was referring to IDF soldiers, settlers and Israelis carrying a blue identification card.

The PA leader also slammed Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, saying “anyone who prefers construction in the settlements over peace is placing barriers on the road to achieving it.”

Abbas said the Palestinians have submitted to the US a written document detailing their final terms regarding a comprehensive peace agreement but have yet to receive Israel’s response.



  1. I wonder how they would react if the Israelis said the same to him – that they would ‘object to the presence of even one Arab in Israeli territory.’ The ‘international community’ would have a fit!!

  2. Let him say all he wants but the bottom line is Israel is never going to make peace with the palestainians.

    Things are just going to get worse-sadly-as Palestanians/muslims are Bnei Yishmael. they will be the last ones to fight klal yisroel Before Mashiach comes.The difference is just like we have a mitzva to destroy Amalek they have a commandment to destroy jews (this is one of the reasons why there are so many suicide bombers) all a person needs to do is see whats happening in the past & see the Yad Hashem, why this is all happening. Hold yourselves in as terrorism grows, as the relationship between Israel & America is slowly separating etc… THIS IS ALL COMING STRAIGHT FROM HASHEM WAITING FOR KLAL YISROEL TO DO TESHUVA
    THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE WITH MUSLIMS EVEN IF THEY ARE GIVEN THE ENTIRE ISRAEL period . one of their commandments is to kill jews R”L


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