Abbas: No Peace Until All Prisoners Are Released

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abbasPeace is not possible so long as there is even one terrorist prisoner still in an Israeli prison, terrorist-lover Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas declared last night.

According to Kol Yisrael radio as reported by Arutz Sheva, Abbas made the comments in a welcoming ceremony for 21 Palestinian Authority Arab terrorists who had been released from Israeli jails as a gesture to Abbas.

Abbas added, the report said, that the PA would continue its efforts to ensure that all terrorists serving time in Israeli jails are freed.

“All 104 prisoners [that Israel has agreed to release] will be released, but the real joy will only come when all Palestinian prisoners are released. We undertake to continue the efforts to release all prisoners until they return to their homes,” he said.

A total of 26 terrorist prisoners were released by Israel last night. Five of them were transferred to Hamas-controlled Gaza.

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  1. Abbas has no intention of making peace whatsoever!
    This is just another stupid excuse to stall.
    When Olmert made him an offer for which he had no excuse to reject, he simply walked out and never returned.

  2. Murderers coddle murderers!
    Hopefully, I guess naively, they’ll turn on Abbas’ people too as Killers need to kill! Let’s see what tune this murderer sings then!

  3. Probably Barack Hussein is threatening not to provide repair parts for planes, etc.– but he can’t threaten to withhold G-d and Torah, so why does the Knesset ignore its basic resources.?


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