Abbas Says He Is Prepared To End ‘Mutual Incitement’ With Israel


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said he is prepared to work with Israel to stop what he called “mutual incitement,” yet accused the Jewish state of “settler assaults” on holy sites in Jerusalem.

“We want to hear the Israeli government a clear statement that it believes in the two-state solution,” Abbas told Romanian journalists who visited Ramallah on Tuesday, the Jerusalem Post reported. “If it agrees to this, the beginning of the solution will be ready and we will negotiate about the other issues.”

Abbas’s remarks came after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he is prepared to clear his schedule to meet with Abbas in Jerusalem this week. Abbas said last week that he would meet with Netanyahu “at any time.”

“President Abbas said on Israeli television a few days ago that if I invite him, he’ll come,” Netanyahu said during a meeting with Czech Foreign Minister Lubomír Zaorálek on Monday. “I’m inviting him. I’ve cleared my schedule for the week. Any day he can come, I’ll be here.”

“The first order of business will be ending the Palestinian campaign of incitement to murder Israelis,” Netanyahu added. “My door is always open for those who want peace with Israel.”


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