Abbas Vows To Break All Ties With Israel Over Demolitions

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Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas announced the cessation of operations in accordance with the agreements signed with Israel and the establishment of a committee to implement a decision in accordance with the decisions of the PLO Central Council Thursday evening.

Abbas said that the PA would not agree to have dictates imposed on them and to establish a reality on the ground by means of force, especially in Jerusalem. “The Israeli moves are illegal and void,” he said.

He added, “Our hands have been and are still reaching for a just, comprehensive and lasting peace, but it does not mean that we will agree to the existing situation or surrender to the course of the occupation.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. B”H he doesn’t want to talk to us. Hey you there at the PA, news flash, we don’t like you either & and we would prefer not to deal with you and or talk to you. Eisov Sonei Le’yaakov

  2. Illegal buildings should not have been allowed to be built. We should have halted the construction before it got off the ground. Israel is poor at law enforcement. Must improve!


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