Abbas’s Office Blames Israel For Violence, Says Soldiers Created A Tense ‘Climate’

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s office condemned the latest acts of violence in on Thursday, though it did not explicitly refer to two terror attacks against Israelis in the  this week.

The PA leader also blamed the prevailing “climate” driving the uptick in violence on Israeli military raids in Palestinian cities, settler incitement against the PA president, and the stalled peace process.

“The climate created by the policy of repeated raids into cities, incitement against the president and the absence of horizons for peace is what led to this unacceptable series of violence, which we condemn and reject, and for which the two sides are paying the price,” Abbas’s office said in a vaguely worded statement.


Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. oh, mr. abbas, you are so right. repeated raids, you say? i wonder why the israelis would bother to raid your peaceful towns. can it be that the towns –or its leaders and inhabitants–have been building tunnels? if israel is so horrible, why are people building tunnels to get into this terrible land? why are arabs looking for jobs in this wicked country? i mean, you have more sense than that, dont you?


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