Abedin Said Clinton ‘Still Not Perfect in the Head’ in 2015 Email

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Top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin said that Clinton was “still not perfect in the head” in a 2015 email leaked by WikiLeaks, Chandler Gill reported for Washington Beacon on Wednesday. Abedin also said that Clinton had to “stick to notes” during an event for this reason.

The exchange came at the end of a discussion among staffers about how Clinton would address then-GOP candidate Jeb Bush’s use of Super PAC money to fund his campaign. It is unclear whether Abedin was referring to a serious illness or another issue with Clinton.

Abedin was responding to an email from Clinton’s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri. “Yes. If she feels need to address Jeb directly–would suggest the pivot,” Palmieri wrote, referring to remarks the Clinton team was preparing. “She’s going to stick to notes a little closer this am, still not perfect in her head,” Abedin responded.



  1. Much as we would like to believe this “not perfect in the head” remark refers to Hillary’s overall mental state, it is much more likely that it was simply a reference to the remarks she was scheduled to deliver that day, that she had not yet fully memorized them.

  2. Well, “shei zet men ois”. To run our country, we have a choice of either a sick cheater and liar, or an inexperienced EGOMANIAC, who doesn’t know the first thing about diplomacy & politics.

  3. She will never be all right in her head most likely she fell and she had a mild stroke with the concussion and is on warfarin like meds. I keep on saying a vote for Hillary is a vote for President Kaine.

  4. @azoiy: I don’t doubt that she has serious mental and physical problems (I was hoping someone would make a sudden loud noise during the debates and catch her off guard). I was pointing out that it is not likely that huma abedin would say something like that in reference to hillary’s overall health, while she probably would say that hill’s upcoming speech wasn’t perfectly memorized.

  5. I completely had the same take on this when I read it. Must have meant the memorization of the notes….. She’s sick regardless. Our red flag should really be “why would the elite Dems want such a basket case???? Do they have other plans that we’re not aware of???”


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