ABOMINABLE: Women Show Up at Frum All-Men’s Health Event – And Claim They Are Men (Audio)

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Listen to the organizer’s account of this incident:


  1. The manager is lowlife coward enabler. This was a private event, they were trespassing and should of been thrown out immediately. No, this has nothing to do with democrats or socialists. It has to do with coward idiots like this caterer.

    • right, throw them out and have protests and media and whatnot, your a real tough guy. Chill bro, as the penguins say.. “smile and wave boys, just smile and wave”! for those who get it….

    • The fact is that it was a public community event. Advertised on every light pole in BP. Paid for by the Hospital to raise awareness of health issues. If a a man would be thrown out, it’s definitely discrimination, so now it’s only the fact that they claim they are men.

    • Chazal wisely say, aizehu chochom ha’roeh es hanolad. The opposite is also true, as you demonstrate in your post. What would have happened if the manager was as shortsighted as you? They would have made a viral video, which would have millions of views within hours, encouraging endless copycats. What happened now. They didn’t get the attention they crave, and leave empty-handed, feeling like they wasted the evening.

  2. You should have said this is a private event and you are not welcome here.
    You are allowed to tell anyone to leave your property or your rented property.
    This is not discrimination, its your party you get to choose who is welcome there and who isnt.

  3. He should say i dont agree with you. Taking out a recorder shows you are just a rabble rouser.
    Evil and or insane or both

  4. Sickos.

    The bright side is that you only had to deal with them for one evening. They actually have to live with themselves.

  5. I think maybe they were hungry and wanted free food. By posting this you are giving troublemakers ideas and the picture is pure lash on hora.

      • What a nasty and uncalled for response – and during the three weeks, too.

        To answer the question: While I wasn’t there, I imagine that they’re discussing health issues that relate only to men – you can Google “Men’s Health Issues” for more specifics.

        • OK but, I think, either the organizer is comfortable with anyone interested being allowed to attend (note: sometimes it’s the spouse who notices symptoms and insists a doctor should be seen) or it has to be organized as a private event as someone else has written already,

  6. Following this “logic”:
    A 30 year old person should “identify” themselves as being 65 years of age, and be able to collect Social Security.
    A 65 year old person should “identify” themselves as being 30 years of age, and be eligible for lower insurance rates.

  7. To grow up already. Your the idiot. In 2019 these lowlifes have the uperhand. They have the money, lawyers, time, and patience to make your life miserable. You may win the battle but lose the war big time.
    To why It was not a private event. It was publicized in all the papers.
    The one who wrote they don’t have men’s health issues that could have been good excuse to send them out.

  8. This is pure lashon hara. I don’t believe it is necessary to post a photo of Jewish women. I am horrified that yidden have no sensitivities in the three weeks.

    • Because the askanim are finally ready to tackle a growing problem in the Chassidishe community, erectile dysfunction. It’s about time.

  9. thank you Steve Cymbrowitz, Joe Lentol, Todd Kaminsky etc. for voting for the transgender bill that led to this avla.


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