ABSURD: LA Mayor Moves To Cut City’s Police Funding By $150M

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Former Utah congressman and Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz talks to FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs about Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti wanting to slash the Los Angeles Police Department’s budget.



  1. Let him remove the automatic UNION dues check off and the next time he negotiates a contract let him put in an independent, of cops and politicians, review board to fire civil servants of all branches. Gutless liberal scum

  2. For whatever reason, the askanim in LA said Eric Garcetti is off limits, untouchable. One is never allowed to publicly criticize him. Newsome yes but Garcetti not. We’re getting what we deserve. Elections have consequences.
    The commenter here that goes by the name “commish” is suddenly quiet. I guess he’s in love with Garcetti. Eric can do no wrong.

    • No. It’s 3 hours earlier here in LA then where you are. I just finished davening and started to review my emails and websites.
      You are correct. Many of the older community and organizational leaders are liberal DemocRATs. They even support the most Looney Left LGBTQWS candidates and other DemocRATs who oppose us on all issues because these menuvels promise money. Most of the time they don’t deliver but they give awards and lots of kovid to these so called leaders.
      Eric Garcetti, who is our Mayor, has a close but fragile working relationship with many of these “leaders”. His mother happens to be Jewish so he flaunts his “Jewishness” when he needs to, usually for votes during an election.
      He is a spineless, Ultra-Left-Wing Looney Liberal DemocRAT. He must go!!

  3. Such a perfect case of cutting your nose to spite your face.

    This is the Lemming principle at work. For whatever reason the first lemming jumps of the cliff his fellow lemmings follow thoughtlessly.

  4. The mayor like many politicians try to play both sides of the game. Most of the times it backfires because it shows you have no backbone. Now I understand the meaning of the saying When the going gets tough the tough get going. There are two types of leaders when the going gets tough. This has nothing to do with liberal or conservative but personality. One leader sees the mob and starts shivering in his pants. Oy vey, he thinks they won’t like me. they won’t vote for me. He apologizes for every stupidity even when no apology is needed or warranted. The “mob” sees this weakness and demands more and more. They get tougher and tougher with each demand. The other leader knows what he must do to lead. He takes charge. He doesn’t care what others think about him. he does what he feels is right. There are draw backs to both approaches of course, but with the second approach You know who the leader is. He is the one toughing it out, and making the difficult decisions. Its not the protester who screams the loudest.

  5. The LA community is upset about this. We have been showing our local police, fire and the national guard stationed here lots of appreciation during the past week. My kids wrote cards, I know a lot of people delivered food- donuts, pizza, drinks… We appreciate our first responders and want to show our support. This is just shameful. They are cutting the police when the riots (and curfew- from 6pm until 6am for a few days!!) showed that we don’t have enough of them as it is. Instead he is giving money to the homeless programs (when those have been shown to fail as it just brings more people to LA to live on the streets. Many want to when they see they get free housing, food, cash… Plus all the bloat and waste in those programs).
    And no, we did not get any free kosher food pickups here in LA. And none of the public schools were the local ones close to the frum community.


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