Active Cases In Bnei Brak, Which Once Stood At 26,000, Down To Just 28

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Bnei Brak, one of the predominantly charedi cities hardest-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of reported active cases, with experts citing vaccination efforts as a major contributor to the decline.

Bnei Brak was infamously closed off by Israeli authorities early in the pandemic as the charedi-majority city suffered large numbers of cases and deaths, with charedi leaders accusing the government of targeting the ultra-Orthodox for “special treatment.”

But a massive vaccination campaign, including one where cholent was offered to yeshiva bochurim to entice them to show up, as well as exhortations from numerous gedolim, including Rav Gershon Edelstein shlita, has led to widespread immunity in the city, with cases and deaths dropping precipitously ever since.

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  1. There’s a little video of less than 4 minutes during the “high corona” time showing hospitals in Israel’s coronna wards empty. Not only were such videos taken in other countries.

    • corona might be winding down but I wonder how many people died because matzav allowed people like you a bunch of dimwits to post your nonsense this whole time. matzav hope you had fun have fun trying to wash the blood off your hands

  2. A huge percentage of bnei brak did not take the vaccine so its not likely to be related to the vaccine. More likely herd immunity or less testing in general or pcr test being changed to lower magnification number…


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