Ad: Obama – “The Blackest”

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small-obama-adAn Israeli advertisement perhaps crosses the line of racial acceptability, but the advertisers may not even realize that their ad may be deemed offensive for some. A hat store has advertised all over Yerushalayim, placing a number of pictures and writing on top of each of them a different line, such as “The nicest,” The lightest,” etc. ┬áThe final picture, that of President Barack Obama, states “The blackest.”

Without a doubt, such an ad in the United States would cause an uproar.

obamaIn Israel? Just another day.

{Yair Israel}


  1. Its a rather racist advertisement which should be removed and besides, obama is not the blackest and it doesnt even make sense to think of him as black for advertising purposes, it reminds me when I once saw in israel advertised by a bus stand a certain soap spelled soup they are pretty stupid these advertising companies and they just dont do their homework properly, but truth be told, they do manage to sell and israelis dont know the difference, but its still racist with regards to obama and probably against haluchu, to offend somebody, for the color of their skin


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