Adam Schiff Threatens To Probe Donald Trump’s Personal Finances

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Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff ramped up his threats to investigate President Trump’s personal finances on Sunday — a subject Trump has called a “red line.”

The California congressman, who is expected to take over the House Intelligence Committee when Democrats retake the majority in January, says he wants to use his position to probe the Trump Organization after Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen admitted the company was secretly hashing out a deal in 2016 to build a Moscow tower as Trump was preaching for warmer US-Russia relations on the campaign trail.

“If [special counsel Robert Mueller] is not looking into this — and I don’t know whether he is — someone needs to because otherwise we are being derelict with our security,” Schiff said.

Trump told the New York Times in July 2017 that probing his family business would cross a “red line.”

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  1. But the Clinton Foundation taking millions of dollars from rogue Muslim nations that were sponsoring ISIS fighters who were murdering Americans, doesn’t bother this Democrat?! Jeff Sessions should be imprisoned.

  2. Does Mr. Schiff have ANY other agenda on his mind, as an elected official, or is undermining the President his sole mission in Washington?


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