ADAMS’ MIGRANT MESS: NYC Mayor Considering Abandoned Prison to House Migrants

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams is running out of options.


From Just The News:

He considered the idea in call with county officials Thursday, as New York City struggles to find accommodations for thousands more asylum-seekers expected to arrive following the expiration of the federal border policy Title 42, according to an audio tape obtained by Politico.

Adams in the call said his administration needs help from neighboring counties as the city has already provided housing, food and other services to over 65,000 asylum-seekers over the past year.

Adams in the call didn’t rule out the suggestion from Newburgh Supervisor Gil Piaquadio that the mayor consider vacant housing at SUNY New Paltz as well as the shuttered Downstate Correctional Facility in nearby Fishkill, Dutchess County, Politico also reports.

“Nothing is off the table,” said Adams. “If anyone has alternative locations, we’re open to listening. We’re not taking anything off the table at all. We’re going to look at both of those locations you mentioned.”

More over at Just The News:


  1. How about putting the border jumpers into Rikers, and sending the inmates on buses to Texas?
    I can’t even count how many problems that will solve in one fell swoop.

  2. prison is a perfect spot for them ‘cuz that’s where they belong anyway – there’s place at Rikers as well as Gitmo

  3. Makes perfect sense, if you live in Sedom. Let all the dangerous criminals roam free. Put a bunch of illegal homeless bum migrants in our system and give them the best of the best care. Yet they cut the extra allowance of Food Stamps for taxpaying legal citizens of NYC. Makes perfect sense. Punish the legals and reward the illegals.


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