Adele Bitton, Critically Injured in Arab Rock-Throwing Attack, Spends First Weekend at Home


adelle-bittonAfter four months in intensive care units, an Israeli 3-year-old seriously injured in an Arab rock-throwing attack was able to return home, if only for two short days.

Adele Bitton spent this past weekend with her family but returned to her rehabilitation center, where she has been staying since May, for treatment and rehabilitation on Sunday.

“Adele is improving day by day,” her mother told Israel’s Channel 2 news website. “Her medical condition is stable… Every day brings more good news.”

The little girl was critically injured in March near the West Bank community of Ariel, when a truck forced to divert from its lane due to Arab rock throwing collided head on into the car she was riding in. Her mother and two sisters who were also in the car escaped with light wounds.

Source; Algemeiner Journal

{ Israel}


  1. sweet child, adele, davening for you that HaShem will heal your hurt and make you well and strong again! you are a beautiful little girl, and I love you and your smile! shalom, little darling!


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