Adelson: Haaretz is Killing Itself

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adelson“I’m not killing the newspaper ‘Haaretz’ and if ‘Haaretz’ is on its way down it’s because it’s killing itself,” billionaire Sheldon Adelson told “Globes” after arriving in Tel Aviv yesterday. He spoke for the first time about his decision to buy the Ma’ariv print house for NIS 80 million for the daily freesheet “Israel Today.”

He said, “I’m a businessman. I prefer managing a printing house myself than to let somebody else profit.”

In response to questions that he has been supporting “Ha’aretz” in recent years by printing his newspaper at their printing house he said, “So what. If I eat too much high calorie food yesterday I have to keep eating it today?”

According to “Forbes,”Adelson had the biggest gain in net wealth over 2013 with his fortune rising $15 billion to $37 billion, making him the fifth wealthiest man in the US, up from number 11, and the world’s wealthiest Jew.

Is “Israel Today” here to stay?

“I’m 80 and you’ll still see Israel Today when you get to my age.”

Read more at GLOBES.

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  1. No, it is dying because Adelson is engaging in a business practice forbidden by halachah — undercutting the price in order to steal business. (And that is on top of the fact that Adelson makes his livelihood from gambling, something that is also halachically forbidden.)


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