ADL Fumes at Fox Network over “Family Goy”

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stop-hateThe Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has sent the following letter to the FOX Broadcasting Company over its airing of an episode called “Family Goy,” which was shown on Sunday, October 4. The letter states that the show was offensive to Jews by employing excessive negative stereotypes about Jews and money. The text of the letter is as follows:

FOX Broadcasting Company
10201 West Pico Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90035
We agree with the many complaints we have received from across the country that the Family Guy episode, “Family Goy,” which aired on Sunday, October 4, was offensive to Jews by employing excessive negative stereotypes about Jews and money.

By repeating the age-old stereotype that all Jews care about is money in an effort to break down stereotypes, the desired result can be lost while anti-Jewish images and perceptions remain. At a time when anti-Semitism is all too prevalent around the world, the Jewish community is especially sensitive.

We have a sense of humor and understand the genre of animation comedy is to push the envelope. However, in doing so we believe there is a responsibility on the part of the Family Guy team — creators, writers, producers and broadcaster — to be sensitive to the consequences of employing false and hurtful stereotypes.

We would like the opportunity to discuss this with you.

 The Anti-Defamation League

 {Noam Newsceneter}


  1. They don’t even mention the worst part in the letter, which was the deplorable reference to SS Nazi Officer Amon Goeth and the repliocated scene from Schindler’s list. that was disgusting image was enough to make any human sick. its baffeling why the adl didnt mention it in the letter or why the Fox Network chose to allow it to air. Fox and Murdoch should immdiately apologise for excersiing such terrible terrible judgement.

  2. it was a shonda. the shooting scene was reprehensible. any yid not horrified by it has serious issues with their own sense

  3. you didnt think it was a big deal because you have your brain flooded by tumah and – smash the tv while you still can my friend; learn some more and your perspective on these inyonim will drastically change

    Tell me, do you think the 80% of what is on television are also ‘no big deal’? what about the shefhichus damim, giluy arayos and avodah zara that people see everyday? what about the countless violations of lo sasuru and al tifnu? also no big deal? These sterotypes were thr tools used by our murderers – they made a joke of the holocuast where 6 million of your brothers died – this is not something to joke about!! wake up and get the amerivcan shmutz out of your yiddishe head

  4. They are making a mistake by creating a big deal over something fairly stupid. This is not a medieval priest’s sermon advocating Jew-killing, it is a stupid cartoon which admittedly is watched by many people but won’t really be a real cause of hatred and violence; and by doing this they are limiting the amount of respect and attention they will get when a real problem comes up, chas v’shalom.

  5. I generally go by the following formula: The net results of whatever the ADL thinks is anti-semitic (or not) are inversely proportional to the fuss that the adl makes over it. IMO, the ADL is a secular organization that has pretty much ZERO understanding of anti-semitism: they don’t understand it’s roots or causes; only rarely recognize it when they see and only then once it has passed through their liberal prism; and generally overreact causing a backlash (in effect, generating the very anti-semitic attitudes they claim the object of their protest were going to cause (remember the furor they started over Mel Gibson’s film, predicting pogroms that never happened?).

    All that being said, seeing all this furor over this cartoon, I watched it on the net to see what all the fuss was about. All sound and fury signifying nothing. At times funny, generally stupid, it can only been seen as offensive to the most overly sensitive, mamby pamby, little-girls-in-pink-party-dress cry babies. Tasteless? Yes. Offensive? See above. The point of the episode was to MOCK anti-semitism. It was a charicature. You can’t MOCK something if you can’t SHOW it. Please people, THINK.

  6. osher you are very wrong. talk to the victims of amon goeth and then tell us if you think its a mistake to be upset that they made fun of that muderous thugs shooting rampages

  7. And this is the same Fox network whose Fox News is the prime information source for many of my “conservative” friends. Perhaps the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Or perhaps the people at Fox don’t love us quite as much as we think they do.

  8. Rachel R…

    Let me see if I understand your logic: those who mock, ridicule and parody anti-semites are themselves anti-semites. Ergo, one must conclude, conversely, that those who support, justify and apologize for anti-semites are philo-semites. Hmmmmm. Well, I can’t say I agree with your conclusions but reasoning like that, convoluted as it may be, would certainly explain why so many Jews vote Democrat

  9. #8 you obviously have zero understanding yourself – first and foremost because the ADL is run by a person who suffered as a child at the hands of the nazis and there fore unfortunately has a much greater understanding of the issues you mentino than you ever can . so maybe you should just keep quiet about that which you obviously have no understanding or knowlege of whatesoever.

  10. Moshe Emmess, you missed the points entirely.
    Talk to any schidnler survivor about who and what Amon Geoth was and what he did, and then say it to them with a straight face that you think it was acceptable for a netowrk who pretends to be such good friends of the jews to go ahead and air this ghoulishly sickening and disgusting scene in what is alreayd a disgusting bathroom humor and perverted show.

  11. to #12

    With all due respect, your analysis is flawed. Having suffered at the hands of the Nazis doesn’t make one an expert on anti-semitism. It doesn’t make one an expert on Nazis. It doesn’t even make one an expert on suffering. It only qualifies you as an expert on YOUR OWN PERSONAL suffering at the hands of the Nazis. Further, with respect to Abe Foxman, the greatest suffering he experienced was the custody battle that led to him being returned to his parents after the war was over! Foxman was turned over to the family’s catholic nanny as an infant, raised as a catholic, not even knowing he was a Jew! He completely escaped the torments of the holocaust: no ghettoes, no camps, no watching his relatives being shot, no torture, no experiments. His experience during the war was no different from any Polish catholic because, for all practical purposes, that is what he was at the time. Ergo, even if your analysis had substantial merit (i.e. holocaust survivor = antisemitism expert) it wouldn’t apply to Foxman who lived through that period as a catholic child.

  12. to #13

    There were two Schindler survivors in my shul (both are nifter now). I have spoken to them, one of them in great depth about their experience. There is no question that Amon Goeth ym”sh was a horrible beast. That is not the issue. I understood your point, and with all due respect, your point was a moronic non-sequitor.

    You purport to be offended by the portrayal of the Goeth-like character in the episode. Were you offended by the portrayal of Goeth in Schindler’s List? Were you worried about the sensitivites of Schindler survivors then who might have been devestated by the recreation of those events? Weren’t you concerned that some nut case might see that and say “boy oh boy, wouldn’t it be fun to take sniper shots at Jews?” Certainly that scene was not ABSOLUTELY necessary to the movie? Was Goeth not, without that scene already a desperately evil character? Somehow I suspect you did not object.

    Your objections here are EQUALLY absurd. Assuming you actually saw the episode, then you understand that the point was to MOCK anti-semitism and anti-semites. One cannot MOCK something if one cannot SHOW it. Was it tasteless and crude (or if I may use your adjectives: ghoulish, sickening, disgusting bathroom humor? Yes, but then that accurately describes 99% of what is on TV. I don’t see you railing against that.

    But that wasn’t REALLY your point at all. You point was to use this episode to take a shot at conservatives in general and Fox News in particular. I have a funny feeling that you have never objected to NBC News or HBO because of the anti-semitic stereotypes portrayed on certain shows.

    You may be surprised to learn that TV Networks generally do not even produce their own prime time programming themselves (they are produced independently and purchased by the networks on contract, or that Fox News (News Corp.), run by Roger Ailes, and Fox Broadcasting Company are seperate divisions of Fox Entertainment Group? Or are those distinctions you only allow to be applied to liberals?

    By the way: News Corp also owns the New York Post, the only New York newspaper that is decidedly PRO-Israel. Yeah… those Jew haters throwing us of the trail by supporting Israel… sneaking fools, aren’t they? But then, you probably read the Times, so you wouldn’t know that.


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