ADL: Rush Limbaugh Reaches New Low With ‘Borderline Anti-Semitic’ Remarks About Jews

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rush-limbaughThe Anti-Defamation League (ADL) says that radio talkshow host Rush Limbaugh reached a new low with “borderline anti-Semitic comments” on his radio show, in which he raised the possibility that liberal Jews were having “buyer’s remorse” with President Obama in light of the outcome of the Senate election in Massachusetts.

Limbaugh told his listeners: “To some people, banker is a code word for Jewish; and guess who Obama is assaulting? He’s assaulting bankers. He’s assaulting money people. And a lot of those people on Wall Street are Jewish. So I wonder if there’s – if there’s starting to be some buyer’s remorse there.”

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:

Rush Limbaugh reached a new low with his borderline anti-Semitic comments about Jews as bankers, their supposed influence on Wall Street, and how they vote.

Limbaugh’s references to Jews and money in a discussion of Massachusetts politics were offensive and inappropriate. While the age-old stereotype about Jews and money has a long and sordid history, it also remains one of the main pillars of anti-Semitism and is widely accepted by many Americans. His notion that Jews vote based on their religion, rather than on their interests as Americans, plays into the hands of anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists.

When he comes to understand why his words were so offensive and unacceptable, Limbaugh should apologize.

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  1. Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director should shut his fat stupid mouth. If this jerk, who represents no other Jews except for himself had not made such a frolicking ruckus over Mel Gibson’s, The Passion, Mel wouldn’t have made $400m on the movie. Everything Rush said was perfectly true; after Jeremiah Wright, other radical left-wing and even “borderline anti-Semitic” connections Obama had were exposed, Jews who voted for him had to be either self-hating, insane or both! Hopefully, as Rush expressed, they should at least now have “buyer’s remorse”.

  2. This guy Foxmen is a no body. Rush is a true friend of us yidden just because the liberal jews are lost in the tank for obama WAKE UP!!!

  3. The last comment hits the nail on the head. Rush said nothing that was anti-Semitic, he spoke the truth when he said that 78% of jews voted for Obama, mostly liberal jews who may now being having buyers remorse when they see how his grand plans are sinking fast.

    Foxmanrepresents himself and some other losers who think the answer to everything is to scream and yell things like “never again” or to make a whole todo about a movie. You dont represent authentic judiasm!

  4. He was referring to the liberal Jews- and that is exactly who the ADL consists of. They were just insulted. Actually Rush is a tremendous friend of the Jews and Israel.

  5. There is absolutely nothing anti-Semitic in those remarks. Rush Limbaugh is a staunch friend of Israel and is not an anti-Semite. He might resent the fact that 78% of Jews voted for Obama, but so do I. Mr. Foxman’s remarks are much ado about nothing. Let him pick the correct battles to fight.

  6. Foxman also purposely quoted Rush out of context. Rush twice said he was talking about “prejudiced people”, as he called them.

  7. Rush Limbaugh is a true friend. The Chutzpah of Foxman to put Rush on the defensive when he has done so much for us is abdominable. Mega ditos RUSH!

  8. “His notion that Jews vote based on their religion, rather than on their interests as Americans, plays into the hands of anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists”
    isn’t trhe agudah / modia / yated etc…doing the same when it supports the state of israel ?

  9. Wake up people. Mr. Limbaugh isn’t any better than the other Gentiles who buy all the stereotypes about Jews. So he thinks we own Wall Street? That’s ignorance speaking, folks. The same kind of ignorance that allows anti-Semitism. Whether he likes Jews or not, he still believes this old lie. What else does he believe about us that he hasn’t let slip yet?

    Get wise, or you too may be suffering “buyer’s remorse” – about your faith in Mr. Limbaugh.

  10. 11/Anon: You were fooled by the left. Mr. Limbaugh did not say or imply what you are assuming. Read the entire issue, not the one liners by the leftist ADL.

    Limbaugh is an Oheiv Yisroel, bar none.

  11. It is to be remembered that Abraham Foxman played a role in whitewashing’s sponsorship of the most vicious imaginable anti-Semitic hate speech in 2006. Had Foxman (and Ira Forman of the NJDC) not used their nominally Jewish identities to whitewash, might have been destroyed outright by the scandal as opposed to just having to take down its disgraced Action Forum (where hate speech and blood libels of Jews were welcomed by the moderators).

    Then Foxman came one step short of actual Holocaust denial when he intervened against a Congressional resolution to recognize the genocide of Armenians in 1915. I say “one step short” because Foxman did not actually deny that it happened. He fired an ADL director who objected (Tarsy, later reinstated) while a couple of others quit in disgust.

    The best that can be said of Foxman is that, like a broken clock, he may be right twice a day.


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