ADL Slams Wikipedia for Pro-Palestinian Bias: ‘Facts Don’t Matter’

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The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has condemned Wikipedia’s characterization of the organization as an “unreliable source” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, describing the assessment as evidence that “facts no longer matter,” according to Yisroel Hayom.

In an online discussion, Wikipedia editors defended their stance, arguing that the ADL’s dual role as a research entity and a pro-Israel advocacy group compromises its ability to provide unbiased reports on Israel and antisemitism.

“The organization is very biased toward Israel, to the point that it often acts as a pro-Israel lobbying organization,” wrote one editor, “Loki.” This, according to Loki, affects the ADL’s ability to report accurately on individuals and groups that disagree with its stance, particularly non-Zionist or anti-Zionist Jews.

Only a handful of Wikipedia editors contested this viewpoint, Yisroel Hayom noted.

In response, the ADL issued a statement denouncing the decision as part of a “campaign to delegitimize the ADL,” emphasizing that editors who opposed the decision “provided point-by-point refutations, grounded in factual citations, to every claim made, but apparently, facts no longer matter.”

According to Yisroel Hayom, Wikipedia’s decision to label the ADL as “a source that is generally unreliable” implies that data or statements from the ADL cannot be cited in Wikipedia articles, except in rare instances.

Additionally, Yisroel Hayom reported that Wikipedia editors are also considering a vote on whether to label the ADL as an unreliable source on antisemitism, challenging the ADL’s position as a leading authority on the subject.

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