Adorable 4-Year-Old Draws Self To Sleep, Now Artwork Goes Viral

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roozle-carey-brownMommy bloggers definitely sometimes take their obsessions with their kids too far, but this little girl is actually doing something pretty unique. Riley loves to draw so much that she falls asleep doing it.

Casey Carey-Brown began documenting her family’s bedtime ritual, which involves giving her daughter Riley, 4, who goes by the nickname “Roozle,” a pad and crayons and letting her draw until she falls asleep. Then Mom comes in and cleans up her work space so Roozle can start drawing again when she wakes up.

On her blog, Life with Roozle, Carey-Brown posts photos of Roozle’s sleepytime art.

The Boston family told the Huffington Post that they started the ritual when Roozle wouldn’t stay in her room during bedtime. Instead of giving her a book, her mom gave her a clipboard with blank paper on it and crayons.


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