Ads Tell Israelis Not To Marry Americans

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israel-americansThere is outrage over commercials telling Israelis in this country not to marry Americans.

Ads paid for by the Israeli government have outraged some people in the United States and prompted one to demand that the Israeli consulate get involved.

One of the ads shows an American finding his Israeli friend staring somberly at her computer.¬†She is, in fact, according to the internet site she’s looking at, privately commemorating Israel’s Memorial Day.

The narrator says in Hebrew: “They will always be Israelis but their partners won’t understand. Help them return to Israel.”

In another ad, Israeli grandparents Skype with their granddaughter and ask, “What holiday is today?”

The little girl says, “X-mas!”

As the grandparents appear crestfallen, the narrator says in Hebrew, “They will always remain Israelis but their children won’t. Help them return to Israel.”

“I find the ads a little disturbing, insulting, and I think it’s going to bother a lot of people,” Assemblyman Dov Hikind said.

New York Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind represents a sizable Jewish constituency in Brooklyn.

“They want to attract people coming back to Israel, that’s fabulous, but don’t insult American Jews, don’t insult our community,” Hikind said.

Watching the ad, some viewers found the message exclusionary and negative.

Others felt more tolerant of the campaign.

Another man said that he understands the disappointment registering on the faces of these Israeli grandparents as their granddaughter gushes over X-mas.

{ABC Local/ Newscenter}


  1. there’s a big difference between a FRUM american jew marryng an israeli frum jew, than a secular american marrying an israeli….the latter might produce grandkids who are” gushing over X-mas” while the former won’t….

  2. Who says they are talking about American Jews? From the reference to a certain holiday it seems that they are talking about intermarriage. Moreover, if they were talking about Jews (and the sad fact is that most American Jews have not even visited Israel)they would have wrote something in favor of aliya.

  3. I have news for this “Israeli” government: If being in the land of Israel is the way to avoid children celebrating Chanukah as appose to X-mass, these zionists wouldn’t be here today.

    and how many “Israelis” celebrate X-mass and “Silvesta” IN ISRAEL??!! – much too many… and how many of that kind of Israelis found their roots only by leaving Israel? – too many to count.

  4. What is sad is that they don’t care about whether or not their grandchildren remain Jews, as long as they remain Israelis. This is exactly what many gedolimsaid that they were trying to replace judaism with zionism.

  5. #4 Rav Soloveichik said that if not for Israel the Jews who remained after the Holocaust would have converted or disappeared into secular society as a result of the national depression.

    #4, Rav Moshe says that Silvester (New Year’s Day in America) is a secular holiday and it is permissible if silly to celebreate it. In Israel, their religious holidays pass unnoticed except among tourists and Notzri Arabs. Sunday is an ordinary work day whereas even frum American Jews love their Sundays – to mekayem the pasuk that in Galut we will worship other gods.

    #5 There is not enough memory in all of the computers to expound on what Israel and Israelis give to America and Americans.

  6. what do they mean when they say american ? jewish american ,american of jewish origin (non-observant) or stam a goyish ?
    but the funniest thing is that they equate beeing american with beeing goyish ,even notzri and beeing israeli with beeing jewish (even if not observant).are there no jews in the USA ?
    judaism has been degradated to just a nationality. if you are american ,than you aren`t jewish but if you are israeli living in eretz israel than you are pure jewish (even if you eat trefah are mechallel shabbos …).
    soon they will say that all jews who live outside of israel are no jews.
    what will happen to the arab israelis ,the armenians … will the be jewish because they have a teudat sechut ?
    but after all it isn`t strange that a state that sees in Torah-judaism the biggest threat for its country makes such claims.
    could be that they are scared that their goyishe israelis leave their pseudo-jewish state and they loose their chilloni majority in the knesset .maybe than a real jewish state would evolve ? how scary ! they would have to be shomer Torah we-mitzwos.
    to bad that Moshiach is around the corner and the days of this non-jewish rasha state is counted !
    yechi Hamelech !

  7. Loved the ad. No shaichus at all to American frum Jews. They are against israeli’s leaving Israel. So take a deep breath everyone

  8. “I’ve been to cities that never close down from New York to Rome and Old London town but no matter how far or how wide I go I still call Israel my home”

    Adapted from another song about Australia.

  9. I agree. The Israelies have a totaly different temperment & personality than Americans! When I learn’t in Torah Ohr, Rav Scheinberg purposely seperated the dorm rooms between the American Bachurim H the Israely Bachurim. He understood, it’s nothing personal, just the metzios is, they DON’T mix! They even have 2 seperate Buttei Medrash, seperating the Americans & Israely’s. In my opinion, marriage is no different. I know of many mixed marriages & there lacks Shalom Bayis r”l!

  10. Agree with #3, Avi. It makes sense that they mean Israelis marrying non-Jews! But, with today’s government in Israel, doubt that they are concerned with that. Why would the government of Israel send out such a message? Maybe it’s not from them. There is something strange about this; the only logical reason would be is what all emmesse Yiddishe neshamas feel, and that is the intermarriage problem.

  11. The ads are directed toward ‘yordim’, Israelis who are living in the Chutz La’aretz. And, unfortunately, without true ties to Judaism, many of them will assimilate.

    The sad thing is that much of the Israeli government seems to think that getting these yordim to return to Israel will be sufficient to retain their Jewish identity. Where the money should be better be spent is on Jewishly educating young Israelis, many of whom have no idealism and would therefore rather go to the land of plenty than be moser nefesh to stay in EY.

  12. #4 – I’ve been in Israel for many a December, and have only seen a handful of mentions of XMas outside of the Christian and Armenian Quarters in the Old City. I have traveled on business through many not-frum areas and even people who don’t keep kosher celebrate chanukah.

    The point is for Israelis who are not frum to not loose their jewish identity if they go into ch’ul. The ads are not addressing the frum community. I’m not passing judgement one way or the other, but context here is key.

  13. If they were against intermarriage they wouldn’t have (and still) mass imported millions of goyim of every color and nationality. They want the Israelis (not Jews) to stay home. Don’t fall for ther goyish holiday bit, just come around in two weeks and see every dinky store in our yehupitzville town decorated for vechuli.
    Umesaymim b’tov – Moshiach NOW

  14. how many israelis intermarrie with palestinians,philipinas or thais ?
    how many israelis consider themselves jewish ?
    and i don`t mean pseudo jewish


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