After $4M Vacation, Obama Talks Income Inequality

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obamaBack from his $4 million Hawaii vacation, President Barack Obama seems poised to sound the populist trumpet in an effort to turn the page on 2013’s disastrous Obamacare rollout.

Many pundits are speculating that Obama, seeing the popularity of liberal populists like New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, will use the current debate over unemployment insurance to engage in more divisive rhetoric:

The Obama administration has set the stage for a push that could rekindle cries of class warfare — calling for renewed long-term unemployment benefits, a minimum wage increase and a campaign against what Democrats call “income inequality.”

Ahead of his multi-week, holiday vacation in Hawaii, President Obama pushed Congress to move forward on extending federal unemployment benefits that weren’t included in the budget deal Senate Democrats and House Republicans struck to fund the federal government for the next two years. The White House has scheduled an East Room event on Tuesday in which the president will appear with people who lost that insurance.

On Tuesday, that’s precisely what Obama did, trotting out unemployed people to push for another boost to unemployment benefits, and citing income inequality as the rationale.

One potential challenge for the President’s prospective populist push is his own family’s affluence. Despite the President’s public lowering of his own salary, the Obamas’ tax returns show a family whose incomes would routinely place them in the highest bracket, with lucrative income streams outside of the White House. Last year, however, the Obama family paid an effective tax rate of only 18 percent.


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  1. if people are stupid enough to buy his rhetoric then we deserve what we get.what a behaima take that 4 million and give a hundred people 40 k a yr (if u really care about poor people)

  2. “Income inequality” = Class Warfare

    This Marxist concept damages the middle class and the poorest Americans:

    1) The higher the government mandated minimum wage/living wage, the more people it prices out of jobs

    2) It emphasizes making people more comfortable, not helping them succeed

    3) The more government becomes involved, the more it stagnates the economy

    4) The more the government focuses on income inequality, the harder it is to get ahead

    5) It ignores the real causes of poverty: Bad life choices

    Instead of lying to poorer Americans and telling them that the rich became wealthy by stealing the money that the poor never had in the first place, why not tell people the truth? Yes, it might make some poor Americans feel bad, but do you think welfare, food stamps, and being condemned to life in a housing project do wonders for people’s moods?

    I don’t think so……

  3. Income inequality, unbelievable. Real income inequality is the ability to live off programs and have more than those who work and pay taxes.

  4. “Income inequality”: Another catch phrase intended to fool us into treating it as a meaningful statement. It has no inherent rhetorical meaning. Capitalism, as free enterprise in the current olam, is the best practical answer for ‘redistributing wealth’.
    DeBlasio and his cohort are part of the Saul Alinsky plan to destroy American society. Hashem is giving us what we set ourselves up for when we ignore Torah living.


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