After Global Outcry, Poland Amends Holocaust Laws

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The cries of the people have been heard. Just a few months into Poland’s controversial Holocaust law that prohibited any attribution of Holocaust crimes to Polish citizens, a law which was condemned by Jewish groups worldwide, Prime Minister Morawiecki is introducing some amendments.

The amendment requested by Morawiecki is designed to remove fines or criminal penalties of up to three years in prison for anyone found guilty of ascribing Nazi crimes to the Polish state.

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu welcomed the decision on Wednesday by Poland’s lower house of parliament to scale-back its controversial Holocaust law, which considers accusations of Polish complicity with Nazi crimes a criminal offense.

“I’m pleased that the Polish government, the parliament, the Senate and the president of Poland decided today to fully rescind the clauses that were signed and caused a storm and consternation in Israel and among the international community,” Netanyahu said at a press conference in Jerusalem.

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  1. The Poles have an agenda to whitewash and sanitize history, which is why they still REFUSE to admit any complicity of Polish actors in the killing of Jews during WW2.
    Polish peasants and villagers played an instrumental role in rounding up and denouncing Jews during the Holocaust, often taking initiative without any encouragement from the Germans.
    All too often, Poles turned on, and killed Jewish neighbors they’d known for decades.
    The locals had everything to say about who could survive and who could not.


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