After Losing Appeal, Wendy Runge Reports to Prison to Serve 10 Year Sentence

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wendy-weiner-rungeThe Iowa Supreme Court on January 30 denied a request for further review of a frum Minnesota filmmaker’s prison sentence in connection with the film tax credit scandal.¬†Wendy Weiner Runge pleaded guilty to one count of fraudulent practices in 2011. She admitted to switching out projects, one worth $600,000 for one worth a few million dollars, after an Iowa Film Office deadline.

She was sentenced to 10 years in prison and appealed her sentencing to the district court. The appeal was denied and next she petitioned the Iowa Court of Appeals – which also denied her appeal.

The Iowa Supreme Court released its decision not to review her sentencing last Wednesday.

Yesterday, Mrs. Runge reported to prison.

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  1. May Hashem grant her and her family the abilty to make it through this very very, very, very, very difficult nissayon. May she and her family be blessed.

    She’s a korbon tzibbur

  2. I have not been following this case, but you can bet your boots, she most likley pleaded guillty because she had no choice. Nebach on this frum mother of a family. 10 years…again absurd.

  3. A Wake Up Call

    The one state (Iowa) in middle America whose judges decided for abomination is going once again after religious jews.

    It’s a subconscious rage against the “frum” when they don’t take the proper stands.

  4. Read about her case a while back where all were asked to pray for her because they were going to sentence her for a decade. Her name is Ziva Rochel bat Chaya. Especially, she being a woman, we need to daven for her; as well as for Sholom Mordechai HaLevi Ben Rivka (both Iowa).

  5. Frum Jews should stay out of Iowa.

    I feel badly for this woman; I’m no tzaddik myself and the above mussar is aimed solely at me. But to blame anti-Semitism (which there always was and always will be) instead of looking inside at what WE CAN DO to become better ovdei Hashem, is counter-productive.

  6. Time to abandon this anti-semitic state that has no regard for family or anything good. Their judges and prosecutors are liars who make a mountain out of a moehill and are only gleeful to incarcerate a frumme Yid.
    May the One Above have rachmonos, and pay them back ayin tachas ayin.

  7. I think that justice department needs to “clean house” in Minnesota otherwise very Jew will be a in jeopardy of a bias Judaical system. If you’re a Jew in Iowa, you’re guilty. Lets start a petition.

  8. While this is shocking and raises serious questions, she did the right thing by pleading guilty. She would have landed 30 years if she had plead innocent.

  9. I think before making wild statements a person should know the facts.

    #5: Reb Sholom Rubashkin was tried and sentenced by a FEDERAL court. Ziva Rochel by a STATE court. Reb Sholom was offered a plea deal that he turned down. He gambled and lost. Ziva Rochel was offered a plea deal which she turned down. She gambled and she lost. That’s the way the system works: turn down a plea deal, fight and lose, you get a stiffer sentence. It works that way for Jew and gentile alike. In both cases, the undisputed fact is that both parties did commit a CRIME.

    This does not add up to an Iowan conspiracy against Jews.

    May the Ribbono Shel Olam have rachmanus on Ziva Rochel bat Chaya, Sholom Mordechai HaLevi Ben Rivka and their families

  10. What TorasMosheEmess writes is simply not true.
    This unfortunate lady was not offered a plea deal which she turned down.

    Furthermore, she was the only one who was sentenced to prison.

    I find it troubling that TME sees fit to make such cavalier statements.

    As for pleading guilty to having committed a crime, a recent article stated that NINETY SEVEN (97) PERCENT of all defendants plead guilty to avoid risking a very lengthy sentence should they lose.

    Defendants have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to mount a defense.

    This is not justice.

  11. B”H

    TorasMosheEmess — why are you saying she gambled and lost?

    She PLED GUILTY — and she got treated WAY WORSE than any of the non jews facing similar charges.

    Do you know the facts of this case? It appears you have not followed this story.

  12. I have been following this story from day 1. I feel bad for wendy and her family. I do hope that hasham grants her freedom speedily.

    Now from what I know of the case,
    The others also admitted guilt, as part of a plea bargin and they did get a punishment. Wendy at that time did not admit guilt until a later stage of the game, and because of that delay she got a Ridiculous ten years.

  13. Fact – Mrs. Rungee has been incarcerated. Is there an address to send her letters? If financial support is still required, where should it be sent? How is her family coping? He said she said online bickering will not assist reality. Financial and moral support will!

  14. What a terrible injustice. Wendy is such a great person with a beautiful family. I will keep them all in my prayers.


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