After Police Make Arrests at Protests Over Kevorim, Lipman Says “There’s a New Sheriff in Town”

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dov-lipmanYidden protested in Yerushalayim and Beit Shemesh today over the desecration of kevorim. Some protestors were affiliated with the Asra Kadisha organization dedicated to the preservation of kevorim.

The tumult is over hundreds of potentially Jewish kevorim at the Goloventzitz construction site in Ramat Bet Shemesh, where the new Ramat Avraham neighborhood is going to be built.

29 people were arrested by police during the protests.

In Yerushalayim, small protests were held in Geulah, as trashcans and dumpsters were burnt in Kikar Shabbat, on Rechov Malchei Yisroel and Rechov Yechezkel.

There is a dispute amongst various factions as to whether it is permitted to carry out inspections to determine if the kevorim are Jewish or not.

About 1,000 homes are slated to be built in the new Ramat Avrohom neighborhood.

Protestors in Beit Shemesh were treated to jets of high pressure water from a police riot truck, while two mounted police officers rode back and forth

MK Dov Lipman, who is a resident of Bet Shemesh, condemned the protest.

“These extremists cause nothing but damage to Judaism and religion,” Mr. Lipman told The Jerusalem Post.

“Over the years, [extremists] have learned that they can achieve their goals through violence,” Lipman told the Post. “Well, there is a new sheriff in town and we will not allow them to have any control – not in Bet Shemesh and not in the rest of the country.”

The Yesh Atid MK expressed hope that “their anti-Jewish and anti-God activities will continue to backfire against them.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. These “yidden” are acting like “goyim” or worse, beheimos. Burning trashcans? That is a horrible way to protest and cause a massive fire that is sakanos nefashos.

  2. Rav Moishe Shternbuch shlita, Raavad of Edah Charedis, paskened that construction could take place there. Those hooligans cannot overrule him with their terror tactics!

  3. He offers an amazing solution! About as constructive as his others! Hey look up Webster’s definition for the word ‘Dunce’!

  4. And showing dissrespect for graves is not anti jewish and anti g-d what’s he saying ? Of course there is always a peaceful way to do things but maybe they are sfraid that nobody listens when its done peacefully

  5. We also have high hopes and high expectations in regards to (the real) Anti-Jewish and Anti-God aktions, and in the meantime I am delighted my latest additions to the image filters are working well.

  6. Rabbi Lipman- We all know you are taking a political stance because of Kavod for yourself. Enough is enough. IYH you will realize your mistakes and CHANGE your ways this year.

  7. Matzav editor maake up your mind
    you took sides now you are willing not to take sides because of your hatred to Lipman. You cant have it both ways.

  8. In addition to approval by Rav Moshe Sternbuch, the project was also approved by Rav Nissin Karelitz. So, what the protestors are saying is, if our Rabbeim don’t approve, regardless of what other gedolim say.

    These are the same tzaddikim who threw tomatoes at a car carrying Rav Elyashiv zt”l because he gave a heter in a similar situation.

  9. Dear #10,
    please reach bach back into history, I dont care how far back you must go, and tell me when
    these people ever demonstrated peacefully.
    Today it was nearly impossible to walk any where near where these riots took place, as the air was thick with the stench of burning garbage. Another afternoon spent inside with the windows shut and not able to get any fresh air.
    I dont wish these people any harm, yet i wish them no good. to me they do not exist !

  10. These animals don’t listen to any rabbi ( Rav shtrenvuch or anyone else) if you ask them who the follow they will be hard pressed to come up with a rov. They beat in Natanya a person for looking a a lady in a way they did not approve. If I would go for a walk with my wife they would scream and maybe attack me for it.

  11. In your zeal to bashmutz Dov Lippmann you picked the wrong cause to support.
    These Asras Kadisha demonstrators are a bunch of hooligans who are mevazeh gedolei yisroel (Maran HaRav Shteinman and Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky ) and beat up an elderly yid so severely that he was hospitalized with a skull fracture.
    NU. A very Shver Matzav

  12. Editor, I am disappointed that your article left out (a) Rav Shternbuch’s psak permitting the construction AND (b) the fact that the extremists [who obviously care more for the dead than the living] set a fire during their riot with smoke affecting some children from a nearby school. The extremists’ conduct, so totally devoid of consultation with Daas Torah, puts them in the same camp as Open Orthodoxy.

  13. Dovy dovy dovy dovy dovy dovy dovy dovy dovy dovy dovy dovy dovy dovy dovy! Who’s going to win colorwar this year? Blue. Who? Blue! Who? Blue! Blue is true blue is true!

  14. These guys have no Torah knowledge, they are just acting up because of their personal opinions.

    And anyone who burns garbage cans in their own neighborhood should be locked up in a padded cell in a mental institution. If you really want results you would burn cans in your enemies territory not in your own since 1. they don’t care if it burns and 2. you are ruining and endangering your own neighborhood.

    Very much like the mindless mobs, not caring for RESULTS just to act wild.

  15. This Time the MK is correct. Many of these protesters are wild and do not care what Gedolim say. (Rav Karelitz and Rav Shternbuch said it was ok to build ramat aharon( I remember 17 years ago by Pisgat Zeev they were mevaze Rav Elayshiv ztzl because he matered…. We SHOULD NOT excuse these fantatics behavior for our children’s sake and so that we do not lose credibility for the many serious issues we currently face

  16. Whoever agrees with this piece of Gifilta Fish ( to be mild) is out of their mind. How would YOU feel if and when someone dug up your grandparents grave? Chas Ve Sholom!!!

    Those who allowed this project, on certain conditions… is a minority in Israel.

    Yochid VeRabim Halacha KeRabim.

    please think before befriending this piece of Gifilta Fish, so to speak.

  17. “their anti-Jewish and anti-God activities will continue to backfire against them.”
    haha this is from Yesh Atid!!!
    The leader is a proud Mechalel Shabbos!
    It hurts that if destruction of graves was being done in Poland, we would be screaming “Anti Semitism”


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