After Protecting Himself From Corona, A Young Man Is Diagnosed With Another Deathly Disease

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David “Birnstein” and his family were doing everything they could to keep themselves out of harm’s way from the spreading Coronavirus. They were shocked then, when David was diagnosed with another deadly disease. A young David is the father of three young children, one of whom is just a five month old baby. The recent diagnosis has completely changed this young family’s life.


David’s disease has traveled to his brain, which is painful and life threatening for David. Initially he was hospitalized just for treatment of the disease, but the doctors have informed the Birnsteins that David must remain in the hospital for at least another year in order to receive proper treatment and rehabilitation in order to fully recover.


The costs of the hospital treatments are a fortune, 10,000 shekel a month. Naturally, this expense is way beyond the young family’s means. It is a matter of life and death though, and the Birnsteins are doing everything they can to help David survive.


The famous Biale Rebbe and Rachmastrivka Rebbe have heard David’s story and have been inspired to help him. These Gedolei HaDor recognize the tremendous help the Birnsteins need in order to save David’s life. They have issued a public letter stating the importance of donating to the Birnstein’s life saving cause and are blessing those generous enough to help. You can help save a life by clicking here.


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