After Soda Ban Proposal, NYC Officials Set Sights On Popcorn And Milkshakes

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popcornWatch out — Nanny York City is taking aim at yet another of life’s gluttonous pleasures.

On the heels of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s call for a ban on jumbo-sized sodas and other sugary drinks, city officials are now considering restrictions on treats ranging from popcorn to milkshakes.

At a meeting Tuesday, members of the New York City Board of Health expressed support for Bloomberg’s proposal. They then started brainstorming other ways to cut the fat, according to

Member Bruce Vladeck proposed limiting movie-theater popcorn containers.

“The popcorn isn’t a whole lot better than the soda,” he said.

Another member suggested limits for milkshakes and “milk-coffee beverages.”

The board, whose members were appointed by Bloomberg, will vote on the mayor’s drink proposal — but agreed to a six-week, public-comment period before taking a vote, according to

Bloomberg has said the drink ban is an attempt to fight obesity in the city.

His first-in-the-nation ban, formally announced May 31, would limit sweet drinks to 16 ounces at venues across the city — from restaurants to street carts to movie theaters. However, the proposal allows refills.

The ban would not apply to diet sodas, fruit juices, dairy-based drinks or alcoholic beverages. Nor would it include drinks sold in grocery or convenience stores. Food establishments that don’t downsize would face fines of $200.

Bloomberg, who took office in 2002, has also taken a tough stance on foods with trans fats and smoking. He has put a stiff tax on cigarettes packs and has banned smoking in workplaces, parks and beaches.

The New York City Restaurant Association is fighting the drink proposal and is considering legal action of it goes into effect.

Association spokesman Stefan Friedman recently called the proposal “zealous.” He said officials should seek solutions that are actually going to curb obesity.

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  1. “The megalomaniac differs from the narcissist by the fact that he wishes to be powerful rather than charming, and seeks to be feared rather than loved. To this type belong many lunatics and most of the great men of history.”

    -Bertrand Russell

  2. although i’m totally against this entire banning of things in the medina shel chesed of the U.S.A.-that Hashem gave us.

    I Thank bloomberg for putting these bans into action for ONE reason:

    perhaps we can learn how to hold our Taiva’s (desires) in & hold ourselves back from everything that we see in sight & desire ASAP or else we can’t live. YES THAT IS TODAY’S GENERATION-Sadly-instant gradification & desire. (must have my neighbors house, car & vacation etc…) its really sad

    Who is rich? one who is happy with his lot
    (pirkei avos)

  3. WATCH OUT YOUR RIGHTS ARE AT STAKE!!!! this is no joke, who does he think he is, my mother, doctor, nutritionist i can make my own decision, he allows me to have refills if i want, how nice of him if this is passed it will be the first of hundreds, soon there will be prohibition again. seriously.


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