After Switching Sides, NY State Senator Simcha Felder Not Welcome At Democrat Conference


As they prepare to take over the majority, state Senate Democrats say Brooklyn Sen. Simcha Felder will not be welcomed back into their conference.

Despite being a registered Democrat, Felder the past several years caucused with the Senate Republicans, who controlled the chamber. This past election saw the Dems win an overwhelming majority, taking 39 of the 63 available seats.

“New Yorkers elected the largest Democratic Majority in memory consisting of candidates who ran on a robust progressive agenda and proudly sought election as members of our conference,” Senate Democratic spokesman Mike Murphy said. “As such, we have decided to remain a 39-member majority.”

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  1. Our poor dedicated, selfless public servant is now toast! He’s א פאראיאריגע שניי. We’re the big losers! The dems won a huge win in NY Senate. We, the people lost. Especially us Jews.

    • He is. Just not as a Democrat. Imagine if the shoe were on the other foot, we would expect the Republicans to do the same thing.

  2. כמה תעניתים (תענית דיבור?) נצרכים? עכשיו ימי השובבים, אפשר יש לו פתח לשוב

    מחוץ למחנה מושבו כמנודה וכמצורע כיון שהעיז לילך נגד החברה שלו הדעמאקראט פארטי ואפילו הצביע כמה פעמים עם הסטרא אחרא, הרעפאנליקאנים

    מי שמע כאת, מי ראה כאלה

    איך יכולים לעשות תשובה על חטא גדול כזה

    אוי לו בזה ובבא

    ליתר פרטים עיין הלכות נדוי וחרם

  3. He did what was right and correct at the time. It was a major Kiddush Hashem. And he showed that he does represent his constituents – something that they are not used to.
    That the RBS”O is sending us a reminder that we are in Galus is clear
    That the Democraps don’t care about us is also clear
    Simcha will still do what is right regardless of what the Democraps think or say

  4. Simcha! Don’t think these negative comments represent what most of us עמך בית ישראל think. We appreciate your standing up for us and our Yeshivos and we are fully behind you.

    • You are obviously a little immature baby who has no clue how politics works. Simcha has served us very well and represents our moral values in the City Council. The voters have spoken and overwhelmingly voted him back.

  5. Why are Yidden registered as DemocRATs? Because some lefty Askan will be able to line his pockets when his lefty candidate wins election? Yidden! It’s time to think for ourselves and (re) register as Republicans! Let the Dems know that we are not their slaves any more. Go to a post office and ask for a voter registration form or go online and (re) register as a Republican. Do it now. Let the anti-Jewish lefty Dems see a movement to normalcy. They’ll notice and come running after our votes.

    • No. Because it makes us most likely to advance our agenda. Voting Republican in NY is a wasted vote unfortunately. Bottom line neither side represents us accurately.

  6. The fact is although most of his constituents are registered, Democrats. That is only because in NYC to have any voice you have to run as a democrat and in the primaries, you have to vote for your party. However the orthodox community is aligned with the republicans on most issues. I am proud of Simcha.

    • Ah yid,
      I understand the situation that you are in. By continuing to register and vote Dem, you display your fear to them (the Dems) and they further disregard you. Once the Dems notice that there is even a slight shift in Registration to the Republicans they start to panic and will start doing what they could to stem the flow of voters against them. Remember, the first priority of any elected official is to get reelected!! They know that if you’re registered as a Dem you will receive all their propaganda and they have you in their pockets. This has been proven in many parts of the country. We need to start a movement to (re) register as many Yidden as Republicans and see how fast this method works.


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