After Years Of Suffering Living As An Arab, A Jewish Son Returns To His People

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Binyamin was born in a hostile Arab village in the north of the country to a Jewish mother who immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union and to an Arab father.

Two years after immigrating to Israel his mother converted to Islam and married the same Arab in an attempt to start a new life in the Land of Israel –  ironically, she immigrated from Moscow to live as a Jew.

Over the years, his mother divorced the Arab father after undergoing a life of suffering and violence, but the Arab father, who was well versed in the local laws, managed to trick her, and Benjamin was transferred to his custody. Binyamin, who grew up as Kamel, was educated on the knees of Islam and grew up as an Arab in every respect.

The suffering he suffered as a son of the hated Jewish mother caused him to flee the village when he was 15 years old and to roam the streets of Acre and Haifa. His life quickly degenerated into street fights and petty violence, until he was turned to Yad L’Achim by a passing Jew who heard his story and understood that he wanted to return to the Jewish people and open a new and good chapter in his life.

Yad L’Achim hurried to meet with Binyamin and immediately began a combined treatment: first, a suitable accommodation was found in an educational institution for young people from a difficult background.

At the same time, the organization worked to connect him with a mentor who was especially assigned to him and taught him the Hebrew language and later Judaism and Jewish heritage. Yad L’Achim even purchased a pair of tefillin for him, helped him find suitable work during the evening hours and gave him coupons every month for food, clothes and personal furniture. Only half a year after he had been gathered from the street, with much help from heaven and greater willpower than usual, Binyamin knew how to open a siddur or a sefer and read them as ordinary.

The decisive stage of his return to Judaism has also recently ended. The request submitted by Yad L’Achim to the Beit Din for the return of Benjamin to Judaism encountered difficulties due to missing documents relating to the Jewishness of his mother, who had no family member or acquaintance in Israel.

In the end, after much efforts by Yad L’Achim overseas, they managed to obtain some of the funds for genetic testing that proved beyond any doubt that Benjamin was 100 percent Jewish and was from a Jewish family in Poland.



  1. DNA is not admissible halachically. We have halachic methods for birur yahadut. DNA testing is not one of them. This is mamash Reform Judaism.


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