‘Aftonbladet’ Publishes Article Defending ‘Organ-Theft’ Report


sweden-paperAfter an article published last week by Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet alleging that Israel was harvesting the organs of Palestinians killed in combat zones threatened to cause a rift in Israeli-Swedish relations, the tabloid, apparently banking on its controversial popularity, published a follow-up article today, defending the report published by journalist Donald Bostrom last week.

Israeli officials on all levels, up to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, demanded that the Swedish government condemn the report, stopping short of calling for it to apologize.

The Swedes refused insistently, saying the paper operates under the Swedish press freedom.

Today’s article maintains that the matter “should be investigated, either to stop the relentless Palestinian rumors, or, if the rumors prove to be true, stop the trade in body parts.”

The article also called Swedish Ambassador in Israel Elisabeth Borsiin Bonnier’s condemnation of the article a “disgrace.” The Swedish government later retracted the ambassador’s condemnation.

Åsa Linder Borg, author of today’s article, titled “Dare to examine Israel,” opines that no one is “sympathetic to the idea that Israel should be able to steer American public discourse,” also stating that “not many deeply sympathize with [Prime Minister] Binyamin Netanyahu’s policies.”

Meanwhile, a grassroots online petition in Israel was calling to boycott IKEA, a global home furnishing giant also very popular in Israel.

Another non-governmental reaction was published in the online edition of Yediot Acharonot, Israel’s most popular daily. In an article in the opinion section of the paper’s Website this afternoon, a journalist under a pseudonym penned a story, complete with dateline, research and witness accounts in quotation marks, alleging that Sweden, in an effort to compete with salmon products from neighboring Norway, harvested the feet of Norwegian fishermen to extract the secret ingredient that – according to the article – makes the Swedish salmon dish more palatable: the fungi growing on Norwegian fishermen’s feet.

The Yediot story even names the Swedish army’s secret unit whose job it is to harvest the organs: Stinkande strumpor [Swedish for ‘smelly socks’]. At the end of the article a one-line comment appears: “The writer is a phony investigative journalist and this report is as valueless and unfounded as the Swedish article published [by Aftonbladet] last week.”

 {JPost/Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. We know as a fact that the Zionists stole babies from the Yemenite Olim as soon as they were born, and sold them for adoption. Now, I wouldn’t put it past them to harvest organs from Palestinians and sell them.


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