AG Drops Cases Against Ethiopian Protesters

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The police will likely close most of the cases against members of Ethiopian community who participated in last week’s wide-scale protests over police brutality across Israel, the demonstrators who met with the attorney general said Thursday.

The protests ignited after the killing of unarmed Salomon Tekah by an off-duty police officer, the second Israeli of Ethiopian background killed by the police this year. Protestors assert that the killings are part of a larger problem of police brutality and racism against Israelis of Ethiopian origins.

On Wednesday, leaders of the protests met with the attorney general, Avichai Mandelblit, acting police commissioner, Moti Cohen, and state prosecutor, Shai Nitzan to discuss the arrest of protestors and police conduct generally with Israelis of Ethiopian origins.

After the meeting, judiciary sources familiar with the discussions reckoned that indictments will not be submitted against the majority of protestors, except in cases of severe violence.

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  1. Are you afraid of more violent ptotests?
    Are u afraid of dividing the Country?
    It already is.
    There are those who want Israel Torah observant Country.
    While others want it to be a nation like all goyish nations.


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