AG Intends To Indict Yahadut Hatorah’s Yaakov Litzman For Obstruction Of Justice

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Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has decided to indict Housing Minister Yaakov Litzman on the United Torah Judaism party for obstruction of justice and breach of trust, pending a hearing.

The pending charges relate to suspicions that Litzman used his former position as deputy health minister to prevent the extradition to Australia of a former principal of an Orthodox girls school in Melbourne accused of assaulting minors, and to prevent the closure of a deli cited for health violations.

Mandelblit won’t indict Litzman for bribery, which police recommended he be charged for.

Litzman’s United Torah Judaism is a key partner in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s right-wing religious bloc.

Litzman’s office issued a statement reacting to Attorney General Avichai Mandlelblit’s announcement that he intends to indict the minister.

“We believe in Minister Litzman’s full innocence,” it says, welcoming Mandenblit’s decision not to include a bribery charge.

His offices says Litzman is readying for the hearing and that “b’ezrat Hashem” he won’t ultimately be charged.

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  1. Seems like Mandelblit was hired to shell out charges against likudniks instead of helping advance policy. People want police reform. They want investigations into tragedies like Miron or the release of Arabs that beat up jews.. But he’s busy with Litzman on trumped up charges and Netanyahu on phantom crimes.

  2. The indictment on a a principal accused of assaulting minors were from parents whose children were expelled because of their immoral behavior. Mandelblit should be thrown out together with the criminal court.


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