AG Mandelblit Presses Charges Against Toras Hamelech Author Rabbi Yosef Elitzur


In response to a petition filed by the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) and Tag Meir, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit pressed charges this week against Rabbi Yosef Elitzur for his publications that “incite to violence.”

These charges, Mandelblit said, are based on his articles and the sefer Toras Hamelech, published in 2013, which encourage price tag activities.

Rabbi Elitzur’s publications preach that we must cause “greater damage to the body and possessions of Arabs” and encourage young boys to take part in activities such as setting churches and mosques on fire.

The decision to prosecute Rabbi Elitzur is rare. Since the prosecution and conviction of Rabbi Ido Elba in 1995, only four rabbis have been prosecuted. The decision to press charges against Rabbi Elitzur comes after IRAC’s 2015 Supreme Court petition demanding the Attorney General make a decision to press charges against Rabbi Elitzur following a 4-year investigation into his activities and publications.

Orly Erez-Likhovski, head of IRAC’s legal department, said that “the decision to prosecute Rabbi Elitzur, who for years has preached racism and violence, is the right decision, even if it is very late. Rabbi Elitzur voiced and published many inflammatory words that influenced his students, many of who have been involved in terrorist activities against Arabs. Only aggressive treatment of the serious phenomenon of incitement will make it so rabbis cease to use their status to preach hatred and hostility. These days, when racist incitement and violence is a daily occurrence, we must relearn that ‘humans are precious for they were created in God’s image.’”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Mandelbilt

    like Weinstein ,etc., before him, and some
    in the US,

    although was

    nominated by the Right,and is now drifting leftward

    • No, you can’t do that. The corrupt Israeli government has a double standard when it comes to incitement. They even allow Arab knesset members to incite violence and instead of arrest they are given a freedom of speech award. As I’ve said time and again, Israel is their own worst enemy. The Arab world are laughing at their stupidity.
      P.S. I guess it’s only a matter of time before they rearrest Meir Ettinger as well. That always seems to be Israel’s knee-jerk reaction to everything.

  2. How absurd israel is! The pa and its leadership and all the imams they have, and all the teachers in their schools constantly incite violence with total impunity! Yet one Rav writes something they don’t like and all of a sudden inciting to violence becomes an issue to pursue.

  3. Neither side seems to know the whole context of RODAEF; or they choose to ignore it. Even anshay-sdom were conscious of it. They demanded to interrogate the suspicious strangers, and didn’t just summarily destroy the house and all its occupants. They actually were distracted from their psychotic rish’us to follow the very last basic social norm. Possibly this was also true of anshay-ninveh, who didn’t pulverize Yonah. Even in the Land of the Frei, it is taboo to yell “Fire” in a crowded theater.

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