AGAIN AND AGAIN: Another Jewish Man Hit With a Stone In Second Vicious Attack in a Week

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An Orthodox Jewish man was hit in the face with a rock on Thursday, in the second violent anti-Semitic attack this week in the Brooklyn’s neighborhood of Crown Heights.

The man, who works in deliveries, was in a truck that stopped in traffic when a group of African American youths approached and threw a stone into the truck, breaking the glass of the driver side window. The rock hit the Jewish man in the eye, and he sustained cuts to his face.

The victim filed a report with the New York Police Departement. He did not go to the hospital.

The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force will be investigating the incident as a possible bias crime.

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  1. Who from the NYC Council represents that district? Who in the State Assembly? Why aren’t we hearing from those elected officials? Why aren’t we hearing anything from Eric Gonzalez & Letitia James? Why aren’t we hearing from Police commissioner James O’Neill? WE PAY THEIR SALARIES! Why aren’t they helping us??? Why aren’t they here for us?!

  2. De Blasio is trying to further weaken the NYPD, so it’s clear which side he’s on. All his groisser-macher-sycophants should reflect.

  3. NYPD is too busy at Dunkin Donuts, Laurie Cumbo represents the area #2 don’t you remember the woman who said “Jewish landlords” are the reason that rent is too high.

  4. We need to plaster the neighborhood with surveillance cameras. If the city doesn’t do it, the CH Jewish community should organize every Jewish homeowner to install good quality cameras at a good price


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