Agudah’s Response to Delay On Toeivah Marriage Bill Vote

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agudath-israel-emblemAccording to a report in the last hour, the Toeiva Marriage Bill scheduled for the Senate tomorrow will be postponed until January.

The Senate sponsors want the delay in order that the Assembly should vote on it first. The Assembly Judiciary Committee is scheduled to meet on January 4th. That would give both Houses one week to vote on it by January 11th. On January 12th the next Legislative Session begins.

Agudath Israel of New Jersey wants to thank the community for the tremendous work done up until this point to explain the Torah communities view on this Bill. The Senators are well aware of where we and other Faith based communities stand on this issue and that is why there weren’t enough votes to pass the Bill tomorrow in the Senate. We hope that the Assembly will be just as aware.

Rest assured the other side will be working very hard between now and January 4th on the 40 Senators and 80 Assemblymen to get their votes.

We have to work twice as hard.

With Siyata Dishmaya we will succeed in our efforts.

Thank you.

Josh Pruzansky
Agudath Israel of New Jersey

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  1. I heard State Senator Loretta Weinberg, the main sponsor of the toeivah bill, on WNYC radio. She said she travelled around NJ for months when she was running for Lt. Gov. and got no complaints about the shmutz bill. It’s time we show her that people care. Evidently she didn’t get the message when she and Corzine lost the election, despite the massive Democratic edge in NJ. She and others claim that no legislator has lost an election after voting for their shmutz bill. Well, I don’t know if it is true or not, but it should not be that way in the future. We have to send the shmutz caucus a strong and clear message.

  2. Decent citizens of both New Jersey and
    New York have to straighten out those
    legislators. They work for us.

    Liberal politicians like Schumer and Weinberg talk like decadent Canaanites.

  3. The evil of sodomy affords us an
    opportunity to clarify truth as
    taught in the Torah.

    It is so obvious that its relevance
    is often overlooked. Thus, let us return
    to the basics.

    In Genesis 2:24 it is written:

    “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and cling to his wife
    and they shall become one flesh.”

    Why does the Torah have to make
    such a statement? Isn’t it obvious?
    (I asked that question when I first learned
    that biblical passage as a young lad.)
    Certainly one can gain many insights from
    the erudite Hebrew commentators. However,
    may I suggest an explanation?

    This passage is written for the
    current generation. (In fact, it speaks to
    both secular and religious people.)

    Its universality is manifested by
    the fact that the human mind despite its
    great potential can easily deteriorate when
    wrong decisions are made.

    Thus, such an obvious phenomenon of a man marrying a woman to establish a family can be disparaged and undermined by silly people who mask their evil
    intentions under the guise of egalitarianism.

    The Torah here teaches that it is wrong to think that everything is the same. (This is the root of liberal absurdity.)

    Without God’s Law, even
    intelligent people can do stupid things.
    (In so doing, liberals defy basic logic.
    According to their distorted view of the
    world any sort of relationship can qualify
    as a marriage regardless of the depravity
    which results.)

    Thus, isn’t it ironic that the
    same issue brought up at the beginning of the
    Pentateuch, one of the oldest masterpieces of
    world literature, still confronts us dramatically right here in America?

    It is now up to us to reaffirm
    our commitment to the eternal truth propounded by Almighty God. This is an eternal
    truth that everyone must support: the
    sanctity of holy matrimony. Therefore, all
    those who cherish Scripture must send a loud
    message to their representatives to heed
    the voice of the moral majority. Praise the

    America must commit itself once
    again to the eternal values of the Hebrew
    Scriptures. As one great Hebrew commentator
    declares (Tur), to paraphrase:

    When a man and his wife join
    together in holy matrimony they in effect
    re-enact the reality of the creation
    narrative by becoming one flesh. (This is
    what makes the male-female conjugal
    relationship so unique.)

    This is the way—at least
    a positive beginning—for this country
    to begin to recover: with the traditional
    family. This basic biblical principle is
    necessary for both Jew and Gentile.

    Any Jewish politician who
    supports sodomy in effect betrays his
    heritage. Anyone who supports this
    immorality lacks common sense.

    The very foundation of a
    viable society is set forth in the
    beginning of the Holy Writ. That is the
    key to success.
    May God bless America!

  4. Gary Shaer (Pasaic) wouldn’t vote against such a bill – he would abstain, as Aguda told him to do at the SS union bill.


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