Agudath Israel of America-89th National Convention Opens Tonight in East Brunswick

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agudah-conventionThe 89th convention of Agudas Yisroel will take place at the Hilton East Brunswick, NJ, tonight through Sunday.

“The theme, ‘Ish es re’eihu yaazoru ul’achiv yomar chazak: Facing challenging times with unity and strength,‘ is more than just a catchy title,” Rabbi Labish Becker, executive director of Agudath Israel, related. “It is a mandate that compels everyone to participate. And coming to a convention…you might say that’s the first step in carrying out this year’s theme.”

All convention sessions are free of charge and open to the public. readers who wish to make reservations and other inquiries may contact the Agudah convention office at 212-797-7380 or via email [email protected]

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  1. There will be a major attack on Internet use, while at the same time it will be broadcast on the same internet around the country to many locations.

    The weekend is a chizuk for those who can afford it, (not many) they feel choshuv and good.

  2. I used to go every year for many decades. All the names were recognizable and powerful with the shine of Yiras Hasem and true Yiddishkeit. These days, I’m too old for it.

  3. The Posuk “Ish Es Re’eihu”, does not talk about Yidden, it talks about the Umos Ho’olom.

    The theme will pobably focus, in the idea that we should never think selfishly only about Yidden, we must be Mispallel and sincerely try to help people of all ethnicties. They’re all created B’Tzelem Elokim.

  4. The pasuk is refering to troubled times where one person strengthens his peers to worship avoda zara and do aveiros. Just because some singers made this mistake and started singing catchy tunes to this pasuk, it does not change the meaning. They might want to have a plenary session on learning tanach.

  5. The convention theme is
    AZ nidvoru yirei hashem Ish El raiahu.
    The negativity and cynasim is just to much.
    Bashing foe the sake of bashing is ignorance at its worst.

  6. To # 8,
    And your ignorance is over the top, please learn how to read.
    The pasuk is “Az nidberu yirei hashem”
    ?? ????? ???? ?


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