Ah Yiddele: David Cameron Says Soccer Fans Can Use “Yid”

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british-prime-minister-david-cameronBritish Prime Minister David Cameron said that fans of London’s Tottenham Hotspur soccer club should not be prosecuted for chanting the word “Yid” because their use of the word was not motivated by hate. Cameron’s view differs from that of the English Football Association and Jewish groups, who say the term is offensive.

Fans of the soccer club, which is commonly known as the Spurs, often use the word “Yid” to describe themselves and sometimes call themselves the Yid Army. Just days ago, during Yom Kippur, Spurs fans chanted “We’re Tottenham Hotspur, we’ll sing what we want” during a Premier League match and applauded players with the chant “Yiddo.”

“There’s a difference between Spurs fans self-describing themselves as Yids and someone calling someone a Yid as an insult. You have to be motivated by hate. Hate speech should be prosecuted-but only when it’s motivated by hate,” Cameron told the London Jewish Chronicle.


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  1. The question, #1, is do you. And look at how many comments on this site say there is nothing wrong with using the word shvartze because “it just means black in Yiddish” or the word cushi in Hebrew because “it only means Ethiopian or African”. Yid, after all is “just a Jew in Yiddish” isn’t it?

  2. TO #2
    Generally I do avoid racial invective when I speak. However as you correctly point out sometimes words are simplify what they mean and their pejorative implication is not or ever intended.

  3. #6… the connection is that the team is owned by a very prominent jewish billionaire (yes, I said billion), joe lewis and run by his partner, another jew, daniel levy


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