Ailing McCain To Allies: ‘Americans Stand With You, Even If Our President Doesn’t’

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Sen. John McCain took a jab at President Trump on Saturday after Trump threatened to impose new tariffs on Canada and pulled his endorsement of a joint communique signed with other Group of Seven (G-7) members at this weekend’s summit.

“To our allies: bipartisan majorities of Americans remain pro-free trade, pro-globalization & supportive of alliances based on 70 years of shared values,” McCain tweeted late Saturday.

“Americans stand with you, even if our president doesn’t,” the senator added.


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    • backstabber? is someone who has been in politics longer than the president supposed to lose all opinions differing from the president? the president isnt the only form of government we have the congress!

      • Because he was in politics doesn’t give him any credentials. He definitely should not criticize anyone he has no understanding of. He might have been on the level of Obama or higher but he’s SURELY NOT on the level of America’s FIRST LEADER, FIRST REAL PRESIDENT.

      • Dear hypocrite, is it so hard to understand that politicians’ only claim to political power is through the will of we the people, as expressed in the American election process. We the people authorized Trump to run the foreign policy of the United States by electing him the President; nobody authorized McCain to run the foreign policy. So yes, McCain’s personal opinions have as much weight as any other dribbling dementia sufferer’s.

  1. Mr. McCain, the allies heard your doctor’s diagnosis that you’re brain-damaged and just confirmed his evaluation with your nonsensical babble.

  2. Good riddance. Standing with the American nation is something McCain never truly acted on. He’s been a selfish senator how he stayed in the race knowing he had no chance against osama-Obama and all through his terms in the senate. He looks at himself as “the American hero”. He’s nothing heroic in the eyes of 99% of Americans. He’s totally irrelevant.

      • McCain a hero? For what? For his reckless foolish antics on the USS Forestall ship he tried to sink, murdering 135 men?

      • Dear 5:18am, did you write capital D as in LA Dodgers – are you trying to say that Trump was a professional baseball player, while McCain has paws and is a disgusting dog?!

  3. Is he talking to democrats? republicans?

    Really?! Americans want a weak USA? Oy… just retire and take care of your health.

  4. Why wasn’t John Kerry, for illegally meeting with the Iranians, prosecuted by the wimp, Jeff Sessions? Is he that scared of Adam Schiff and the DNC?

  5. It’s unheard of not to show respect to the president. He was democratically elected. If you don’t like him, its too bad. Obama was a criminal and did things every day that were treasonous and unconstitutional and nobody said a word. Trump is doing a good job and the immoral and corrupt liberal democrats won’t leave him alone. If you dont like him, then in 3 years, let’s see you put up a viable candidate that can beat Trump. Until then, shut up and show some respect!

    • Dear Binyamin, I’d like to exercise my liberty right to tell McCain something that you don’t want to hear: shut up you demented old traitor, the people of the United States did not elect you to run the foreign policy.

    • Dear Binyamin, I’d like to tell the revolutionary truth: you liberal-fascists are the embodiment of deceit and everything evil in the world.

  6. How would McCain know what the American people think? They had a chance to vote on him and Trump. They didn’t choose him, but they chose Trump. I think the tariffs are stupid, but McCain has no idea who the American people stand with.


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